It’s that time again Ladies and Gentlemen, time for news about the inevitable upcoming Call of Duty Game. We have known for a while that Sledgehammer are working on this instalment, and there is several pieces of news that have come to light.

First of all a Teaser site has been spotted, and it’s countdown is due to expire on the 4th of May at roughly 10AM Eastern time. Just to be safe, keep an eye on the site here if you’re interested. Users have also found that by clicking on the white squares that appear on the Teaser Site leads to multiple articles about Private Military Contractors (PMC’s). To back this up, the following video was uploaded to the Call Of Cuty Youtube Account

To top it all off, Game informer has also revealed that the game will be the subject of their cover story for the upcoming issue of the Game Informer Magazine. Here is the screenshot they posted for your viewing pleasure. Black Ops 2 showed off some pretty flash technology in different ways. Looks like we might be seeing some more. Who knows, this is being labled as the “New Era” for Call of Duty. Maybe it’s finally time for some Future Warfare for the series? 10260003_10152428850864357_1647355436130140726_n (1)

Keep your eyes on this space for the upcoming news, and if you want to watch the World Reveal on May 4th 10AM. Don’t forget to keep your eyes on the teaser site!

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