Press Start was founded at the beginning of 2013 with the vision of writing exclusive content for all types of gamers in Australia. It is our goal to make sure that the website always has the latest news, relevant to all Australian gamers. Our reviews and features have a set structure that is easy to understand for the casual audience, whilst still in depth enough for the veteran gamer.


In regards to our reviews, we aim to have all reviews up in a timely matter taking into consideration how long the game is and when we can get our hands on it. We will never publish a review before being 100% sure that all of our opinions are backed up. Our reviews aren’t dictated by length but always aim to cover the specific features about the game that set it apart from other games, what does the game do right or wrong, who should buy the game and what has changed if the game is apart of a series.

All of our reviews have 4 categories.

This doesn’t necessary have to always be 100% about the story of the game. It can be made up of background, development process, narrative and story. Sometimes all of these things are included and sometimes it may just focus on one depending on what is seen as most important.

This section will mainly focus on how the game looks. It will also touch on how the game runs on the dedicated platform as well as any graphical bugs that we may have encountered. It will also touch on sound and atmosphere.

This section will more than likely always be the largest. It will cover everything from gaming mechanics, what we loved about the game, what we didn’t love about the game, things that could’ve been improved and any other portion of the game that doesn’t come under the first two categories.

This is where the review will discuss the main points of WHO should or shouldn’t buy this game and WHY. You will also find a few positives and negatives from the game. We rate our games out of 10.