Review: Hohokum

Hohokum tells the tale of a multicoloured serpent setting out to find his friends. After a brief gathering with them in your home (hub) world, they all disappear and it is up to you to explore the various...

Review: The Last of Us: Remastered

I thought that rather than repeating myself and re-treading the same ground from my review of The Last of Us on PS3m I will simply let you peruse the original review at your own leisure. For the review of The...

Preview: Destiny Beta

As a gamer I have been immensely fortunate in spending some time with Bungie's upcoming game, Destiny.  I have invested a fair amount of my time into both the alpha and the beta versions available on the...

Bioshock On Unreal Engine 4

Today at lunch I took a brief opportunity to read up on a few of the upcoming HD remastering/definitive editions or what ever marketing gimmick developers choose to use. I just wanted to share something, that...