Hands-On Preview: Evolve Alpha

Hot on the heels of my EB Expo Preview with Turtle Rock's new shooter Evolve, it felt only mere days between stints going from the EB Expo to the Big Evolve Alpha. My platform of preference the PS4 suffered...

Review: Tetrobot and Co

You are Physchobot, a uniquely small robot that enters a larger drilling bot to undergo maintenance and repairs. Each different repair is portrayed to the gamer as the puzzle you interact with, repairing...
Destiny Header

Opinion: The Updates Destiny Deserves

I’ve spent more than what I believe is enough time with Destiny to fully understand the game. As solid as the game is, there is always room for improvement. In this opinion piece, I have put together a few...

Review: Fluster Cluck (PS4)

There isn't a great deal of story to Fluster Cluck, it is more crafted for the excuse to participate in the game. You begin you career as a lowly member of the Chikkin Koop corporation, working your way up...