Preview: Murdered: Soul Suspect

I’ll say this much for Murdered: Soul Suspect; it does not beat around the bush. In the first hour you’re thrown into the action with gusto, from a hasty introduction of the main character and his...

Review: Goat Simulator – GOaTY

EDITOR'S NOTE: We decided not to score Goat Simulator due to the nature of the game. There's nothing comparable to this experience so it's almost impossible to attach a score to it. You're a goat. You...

Review: Dark Souls II

Dark Souls 2 is a difficult game. Yes, the ‘Souls’ franchise IS difficult by nature, but no, this is a difficult game to review. It’s remarkable just how much Dark Souls had changed over the...

Review: Beyond: Two Souls

Game: Beyond: Two Souls Developer: Quantic Dream Publisher: SCEA Release Date: Out Now Available On: PS3 Version Played: PS3 Editor’s note: While I have done my best to avoid spoilers as much as...