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Card Games On The Rise

Dead Man’s Draw: - $9.99 on Steam and FREE on the Apple Store >Dead Man’s Draw is an original card game with a Blac...

News Of The Week – May 4th

DISNEY INFINITY 2.0: MARVEL SUPER HEROES REVEALED! It will feature more than 20 new interactive figures from across the marvel universe. Plus original story li...

Review: War Of The Vikings

War of the Viking is a third-person medieval battle simulator published by Paradox Interactive. Your first mission is to choose a faction. Will you fight fo...

Mario Kart 8 Gets Voice Chat!

Nintendo has detailed how the voice chat will work in the up and coming Mario Kart 8 along with new information about how the multiplayer will work. A headse...

May Games With Gold Announced!

Xbox has just announced the Game With Gold giveaway for May. The first one coming Today May the 1st will be Dust: An Elysium tail. Then followed on the 16th wil...

Xbox One Is Going To China

Microsoft have just released a video revealing their plans for releasing the Xbox One in China. It'll finally release across China in September of 2014. It'll b...
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Review: Diablo 3: Reaper Of Souls

Reaper Of Souls is the highly anticipated first expansion of Diablo 3 and the latest release from Blizzard. Reaper Of Souls starts off with Mathael coming t...