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Card Games On The Rise

Dead Man’s Draw: - $9.99 on Steam and FREE on the Apple Store >Dead Man’s Draw is an original card game with a...

News Of The Week – May 4th

DISNEY INFINITY 2.0: MARVEL SUPER HEROES REVEALED! It will feature more than 20 new interactive figures from across the marvel universe. Plus original story...

Review: War Of The Vikings

War of the Viking is a third-person medieval battle simulator published by Paradox Interactive. Your first mission is to choose a faction. Will you fight...

Mario Kart 8 Gets Voice Chat!

Nintendo has detailed how the voice chat will work in the up and coming Mario Kart 8 along with new information about how the multiplayer will work. A...

May Games With Gold Announced!

Xbox has just announced the Game With Gold giveaway for May. The first one coming Today May the 1st will be Dust: An Elysium tail. Then followed on the 16th...

Xbox One Is Going To China

Microsoft have just released a video revealing their plans for releasing the Xbox One in China. It'll finally release across China in September of 2014. It'll...
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Review: Diablo 3: Reaper Of Souls

Reaper Of Souls is the highly anticipated first expansion of Diablo 3 and the latest release from Blizzard. Reaper Of Souls starts off with Mathael coming...