Review: Trials Fusion

Trials Fusion is a follow up to the previous Trials games. It’s a physics based game that doesn’t adhere to one specific genre – there are elements of platformer, puzzle and racing games in Trials...
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Review: Titanfall

The story of Titanfall pits the IMC against the Militia. The IMC are trying to gain control over a series of planets known as The Frontier. The residents of these planets had finally decided that it was...

Review: Thief

Thief is set in a dying city overruled by the tyrant Baron. You play the role of Garret, the lonely master thief. As the city falls apart Garret finds himself thrown among a revolution he does not want to...

Review: Fable Anniversary

Wind the clock back 10 years and the original Fable was being released on the Xbox. It was released to favourable reviews and went on to become one of the best selling games on the platform. Fable takes...