Review: TowerFall Ascension

Originally starting it's life as one of the must own exclusive games for the Android console Ouya, Towerfall Ascension has made its way to the PS4 and PC. This is a game that very much feels like it was...

Review: InFAMOUS: Second Son

InFamous: Second Son tells the story of Delsin Rowe, a 24 year old native of the Akomish tribe located outside of Seattle, Washington. Set seven years after the events of InFamous 2, the world has been...

Review: Thief

Thief is set in a dying city overruled by the tyrant Baron. You play the role of Garret, the lonely master thief. As the city falls apart Garret finds himself thrown among a revolution he does not want to...

Review: Outlast

Outlast sees players stepping into the brave shoes of Miles Upshur, a freelance journalist who receives an anonymous tip about Mount Massive Asylum – a psychiatric hospital owned by the shady Murkoff...
PS4 Header

Review: PS4 Console

The console itself is extremely sleek and smooth. Upon first inspection, it looks like the sloped design will provide an eye sore in your entertainment unit but this isn't the case. It fits extremely snug...
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Review: NBA 2k14 (Next-Gen)

The NBA 2K series has completely taken over as the most prominent NBA franchise in the last 3 years. This year will determine whether it keeps that stranglehold as we see the release of EA's first NBA game...