Review: Hohokum

Hohokum tells the tale of a multicoloured serpent setting out to find his friends. After a brief gathering with them in your home (hub) world, they all disappear and it is up to you to explore the various...
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Review: The Swapper

Everything about The Swapper is minimalistic, and that includes the way it delivers its story to the player. The game takes place in a universe where humanity has exhausted their natural resources,...

Review: Demon Gaze

The story of Demon Gaze is a structurally familiar one. You are an amnesiac protagonist (yes, another one) who wakes up in a cold, dark dungeon. After a brief of series of events, you find out that you are a...

Review: PlayStation Vita Pets

At a time where first-party Vita games are almost non-existent, it really shocked gamers that this is the type of game that Sony are offering up. In the handheld space, the Vita is not seen as a casual...

Review: Entwined

Entwined is a tale of two souls that are hopelessly in love but can never be together. One soul is a fish, whilst the other is a bird; these two souls always co-exist throughout multiple points in time and...
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Review: Lemmings Touch

Lemmings is a long running puzzle series. The aim of the game is to get the Lemmings from point A to B whilst navigating obstacles and deterrents across a variety of different worlds. This game...
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Review: MLB 14: The Show

MLB: The Show has been the standalone baseball series in the last few years. It's obviously never taken off in Australia but has always been held in high regard overseas. The game is developed by SCE San...