A new Playstation Q&A Video has confirmed that Party Chat will be on the PS4 without PS Plus. The friends list was also confirmed to hold 2000 friends.

  • dirkradke

    The most friends I have ever seen an X-Box Live account have was 250 and I knew it would go higher. If you have that many friends why would you need more?

  • Vera

    All you’ll ever gather on the PoSN are fake friends because they are all fake people pretending to be someone they are not. Just look at all the poor schmucks on NeoFAG. You don’t want to be friends with them, because they are social outcasts.

    • X1GAMER

      STFU clown

      • Death Dealer

        Hey I tend to agree with the guy. Anyone who has 2000 virtual friends most surely doesn’t have any in real life. It’s very sad that people would strive towards those numbers as some kind of e-peen. Same thing with facebook.


    It has been confirmed that Xbox One friends list is Unlimited ( but then Major Nelson did mention that Unlimited is more like 5000 )

    • Death Dealer

      Why on earth would anyone need so many friends. I’d have put the limit at 500 or so (which I think is still ridiculous) instead of 5000. Nobody has that many friends in real life.

  • spideynut71

    Nobody on this planet has anywhere CLOSE to that many “friends”. Facebook has severely watered down the meaning of that word. 250 would have been excessive ; anything over 500 is just plain stupid.

    • John Soutar

      Yeah, sure it seems a little excessive. However, there are plenty of people who would use this. The whole Internet Personality trend has increased by a large margin. Any Youtuber with 30K+ subs are not rare and some are open to community interaction. For example the guys over at Achievement hunter and Rooster teeth (Yes, I know they are primarily a Xbox site) don’t exactly hide their tags. They even have community a play-date every week. A forum a used to go on years ago “Hardcore Christian Gamers” Had multiple accounts to handle with community interaction. All of those accounts friends lists were full. I can understand people thinking this is excessive but, you should all understand no matter the limit, someone will use it to it’s maximum. With Internet becoming more and more common. It’s to be expected.