Following our post earlier tonight, Nintendo UK have now confirmed a bunch of European release dates for the GBA VC on Wii U. We’d expect that the games will release at similar times, if not the same time in Australia.

UPDATE: Nintendo Australia have now sent through the release dates and prices for Australia. As expected, all dates are the same!

Games will retail for AU$9.10 – NZ$11.90

4th of April
Mario & Luigi Superstar Saga
Metroid: Fusion
Advance Wars

11th of April
Warioware INC
Kirby: Amazing Mirror

18th of April
Golden Sun
F-Zero: Maximum Velocity

25th of April
Yoshi’s Island

  • WiiLovePeace

    A bit more than I was hoping but cheaper than SNES so I’ll take it.

  • Kevin He

    Castlevania or nothing!