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Watch Us Play For Honor

We had the honour (see what I did there) to play Ubisoft's next highly anticipated release, For Honor. The E3 2016 demo left us wanting more! What clan will you...

Watch Us Play Gran Turismo Sport

We had the chance to play Gran Turismo Sport at E3 2016. Join us for a lap of this stunning-looking game! &nbs...

Watch Us Play Dead Rising 4

We had the chance to play Dead Rising 4 at E3 2016. Join us for some smashing, zombie impaling fun in the latest Dead Rising installment!

Watch Us Play Forza Horizon 3

We had the chance to play Forza Horizon 3 at E3 2016. Join us we race around the iconic Australian landscapes...maybe we can find our house on here? https://...
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Bae Plays Alienation

Bae Plays AlienationThings get interesting as Jake's better half struggles her way through Alienation...Posted by Press Start Australia on Tuesday, April 2...

Do Mobile Games Suck?

Jake sits down and ponders his thoughts about mobile gaming and the perspective that surrounds them. ...

Let’s Play Superhot

Join Jake as he plays through Superhot, the game where time moves when you do. Such fun, much frustration. ...

Let’s Play XCOM 2

After experiencing some trouble with the game's difficulty, Ewan has another shot at XCOM 2, doing pretty well on one of the game's earlier missions. SUBSCRI...

Video Review: Halo 5: Guardians

Video review for Halo 5: Guardians, to be released October 27th, 2015 for Xbox One. Read the full review here:

Video Review: RARE Replay

Watch our video review for RARE Replay, the latest Xbox One exclusive. Review by James Mitchell/Production & Voiceover by Ewan Roxburgh. You can read our...