The cheapest copy of Nioh starting with local retailers and finishing off with online only deals. We will update with new & special prices as they come in up until launch day. 

13 years in the making we finally get our hands on Nioh here Wednesday 8th February exclusive to PS4! EB have some exclusive pre-order DLC.

JB HIFI has the cheapest launch day price at $79

Retail Stores:
JB Hi-Fi – $79
EB Games – $100
Big W – Not Stocking
Target – Not Stocking

BaseUK – $63 posted
OzGameShop – $73 posted

PSN – $85


We recently reviewed Nioh. You can read it HERE.

James said in his review: “While it’s easy to sit back and write Nioh off as another Dark Souls clone, it’s something very different. Yes, it’s slightly less challenging to get into, but it’s a result of some incredibly synergistic systems that work so well together to improve and smooth the player experience. Nioh is still a difficult game, mind you, but it’s an experience that consistently rewards players for performing well. This is the difference between it and other games – and why it’s so hard to put down, even after losing. Nioh is a game that goes all out to get your attention – and that’s why it deserves it.”

  • VatoLoco47

    Thanks for the post!
    BIG W & Target have not been pushing much out lately 🙁

    • reptilescorpio

      It’s been a busy few weeks so unfortunately they pick and choose what games they think will move stock, especially with Switch in a few weeks 🙁

      • VatoLoco47

        Ah that makes sense. I was lucky to get Hitman at Costco for $73. Maybe if I’m lucky they will have Nioh also

        • reptilescorpio

          Yeah Costco can be a great place to check and usually have competitive prices. The more stores selling the games the better prices we will get!

          • VatoLoco47

            True I will check it out and post here if I find it 🙂