Firewatch Is Currently Half Price On The PlayStation Store

Classic indie-hit, Firewatch by Campo Santo is currently half price on the PlayStation Store. Originally $29.99, it’s currently obtainable for $14.99. You can find it on the PlayStation Store HERE. It’s available at this price until Thursday night.

Firewatch is a brief experience, but it’s one of most thought-provoking and engaging experiences of last year.

Ewan gave it a 10 in his review and said:

“Firewatch is truly something special. It tells a beautifully crafted, character-driven, engaging story with impeccable pacing. It’s deeply reflective and thought provoking, not only in the context of its characters and their situations, but in a broader context of player interaction with video games. It involves and engages players to greater affect than many of its predecessors in the experiential sub-genre, and does so with astonishing presentation.”