Big W Has Stealthily Raised Their Crash Bandicoot Trilogy Price

Earlier this week, we reported that Big W would have the Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy for $39 on launch day. This was listed in their upcoming toy catalogue sale both physically (in the mail) and digitally (on their website). 

Unfortunately, in the last 12 hours, Big W has changed the price on their digital catalogue to $49. This would lead us to believe that the original price of $39 was a pricing error, but there’s no footnote to indicate why the change was made. 



We’ve reached out to Big W to confirm the exact launch day pricing and find out the higher price is the correct one. 

  1. They should of made sure of the pricing before printing it out on catalog, i havent seen this happen before for games on sale but i’m sure who ever made the error will be careful next time.

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