Some Good PlayStation 4 Pro Deals Have Emerged Again

EB Games sold out of their awesome Black Friday PS4 Pro deal quite quickly, but a bunch of others have popped up.

The best of the lot is probably at EB Games for $499 and includes a PS4 Pro as well as GT Sport, DOOM, The Evil Within 2 and The Elder Scrolls Online. It’s one game short of the Black Friday deal, but it’s still pretty damn good. 

If you’re after Destiny 2, there’s also a white PS4 Pro with Destiny 2 for only $479. This is a pretty damn good deal, but once again relies on you wanting Destiny 2.

There’s also the limited edition Battlefront 2 PS4 Pro with the game for $499. It’s not the best looking console, but if you’re a Star Wars fan, it’s pretty good. 

Big W will have the cheapest PS4 Pro deal when the new catalogue kicks off on Thursday. It’ll be $449 with a copy of GT Sport. This might just be the cheapest the PS4 Pro has ever been.