PlayStation Has Launched A Massive Christmas Sale

PlayStation’s massive Christmas Sale is starting today, with whopping discounts on consoles, VR headsets and games.

In collaboration with a number of retailers, the prices on PS4 consoles have been dramatically reduced. Starting tomorrow at Big W, you can pick up a 500GB console for just $259, but it is also under $299 on Amazon, EB, JB Hi-Fi and direct from Sony. If you’ve not bought one yet, you’re in luck. If you have already, it might be worth seeing if you can exchange it for the cheaper price.

1TB consoles with Spider-Man are also available, with Big W also having it cheapest tomorrow for only $369. Amazon, EB, JB and Sony are all offering the same bundle for less than $399.

If you’d prefer a Pro 1TB, Big W will be selling them tomorrow for $469, but Amazon has them up for $449.10 right now, and EB for $499.

Already got a console and just after some accessories for Chrissie? You’re in luck; the VR headset is also epically reduced. The VR Mega Pack (which includes the headset, camera, Astro Bot, Doom VFR, Skyrim VR, WipEout Omega Collection and VR Worlds) is available for $349 at both Big W and EB Games.

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The Starter Kit bundled with just Astro Bot sets you back only $249 at Big W tomorrow, $299 at Sony or $279 at JB. Want Skyrim VR with that as well? Head to EB Games instead and get the bundle with the extra game for $299.

Big games such as Spider-Man, God of War, Detroit: Become Human, Horizon: Zero Dawn, GT Sport and Shadow of the Collusus are all at least 45% off too, with PlayStation Classics (including the likes of the Last of Us Remastered) now less than $20.

PlayStation has also announced that they’ll be giving away prizes in celebration of their new PlayItCool campaign featuring Beau Ryan. You can head to their Facebook page to get in on the give away goodness.


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