JB Hi-Fi Is Clearing Out Wii U Games Starting At $5

JB Hi-Fi has discounted a wide variety of Wii U games locally in stores. Obviously, stock will vary at a store by store basis, but there’s some great titles to be had starting at $5.

Thanks to OzBargain for providing this list.

Wii Nunchuck $5
Wii Fit Meter $5
Terraria $5
Transformers: Rise of the Dark Spark $5
Darksiders 2 $5
Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 $5
Sonic Boom :Rise of Lyric $5
Sniper Elite V2 $5
Xenoblade Chronicles X $5
Kirby and the Rainbow Curse $5
Art Academy Atelier $5
Epic Mickey 2 $5
Animal Crossing Amiibo Festival Bundle $10
Zelda Windwaker HD $10
Yoshi’s Wooly World $10
Splatoon $10
Guitar Hero Bundle $10
Devil’s Third $10
Star Fox Zero $14
Paper Mario Color Splash $15
Mario Party 10 $15
Mario Party 10 Amiibo Bundle $15
Mario Tennis Ultra Smash $15
Mario Kart 8 $15
Super Mario Maker Bundle $15

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