An NBA Player Has Purchased A Popular Esports Team

It has been revealed overnight that Jonas Jerebko, who is a forward in the NBA for the Boston Celtics, has purchased esports organisation The Renegades. The Renegades were mainly known for their League of Legends team before they were banned from competing. They now compete in Counter-Strike: Gobal Offensive and Call Of Duty.

Jerebko spoke about why the acquisition was important to him: “The opportunity to own Renegades and bring some of my knowledge from professional basketball to eSports is incredible. I grew up in the video game era, and I was exposed to Counter-Strike at a young age. I have watched the eSports world explode and, for me, it’s really exciting to be a team owner and help push the industry forward.”

Jerebko plans to get the Renegades back into the League of Legends scene as well as adding teams for both Halo and Overwatch.

Jerebko is the first current NBA player to make such a big move into this space. Former NBA players Rick Fox and Shaquille O’Neal have both shown significant interest in the area.

It is being reported that Jerebko’s first move as owner has been rebranding the Renegades as the Detroit Renegades.