You Can Pre-order the Neo and Scorpio Now, But Beware the Price Tag

You can now pre-order the Xbox Scorpio and the PlayStation Neo, the two new generation bridging consoles that both Microsoft and Sony are yet to fully reveal. We know next to nothing about the consoles at this stage. Amidst the rumours, speculation and confusion that surrounds these consoles, only a couple of things are clear: they will be powerful, but not necessarily make the current consoles redundant and they ought to be very expensive.


Let’s make this clear, the listings pictured from EB Games are place holder prices. The design of the consoles are yet to be announced, let alone the prices. Although, perhaps the astronomical price of $999 won’t be far away from reality.

Think about it. A reasonable, 4K ready PC can cost upwards of $1500. The cost of the graphics cards alone are often on par or exceed the price of a console. AMD are making major leaps forward in terms of power per dollar, with Nvidia obviously close behind, but all the same, packing this technology down to the size of a box that sits on your entertainment unit will come at a price.

What that price is remains to be seen, but prepare yourselves, these consoles will be luxury tech and probably won’t be for everyone. Phil Spencer has already stated that unless you have a 4K TV, there’s no need to buy a Scorpio.

But, if you do want to pre-order and have a $100 deposit ready, head on over and stick your name down for the Xbox Scorpio or the PlayStation Neo.


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