Super Mario Odyssey’s Co-Op Lets You Play As Cappy

I’ve heard of getting the busted up player two controller at a friend’s house, but this is a step too far. In Super Mario Odyssey, co-op is being handled in an unorthodox way. The taller, sleeker Luigi hasn’t been invited along for this trip. Instead, anyone manning a second control pad can zip around as Cappy, Mario’s animated and ridiculously alive hat.

During Nintendo Treehouse at E3, the presenters show off the game’s co-op mode on stage, and it looks like a bit of fun.

It isn’t too dissimilar to the co-op mode seen in Galaxy, except Cappy is a little more useful this time around. Though he can’t collect Moons, he’s able to fly wherever he likes all the while attacking enemies to protect Mario.

Given the Switch launched with two controllers technically in the box, having this option available is a smart move indeed. Plus, it should add an extra layer to the game’s puzzle solving elements.

Super Mario Odyssey releases on Nintendo Switch on October 27 this year.