The Elder Scrolls Enters Mobile Market With Blades

Todd Howard announced during his time on-stage at Bethesda’s showcase that The Elder Scrolls would be joining the mobile market with a game called The Elder Scrolls: Blades.

It looks like a pretty genuine Elder Scrolls experience and, if the presentation is to be believed, it will look amazing running on phones. The game can be played with traditional old-school tap-locomotion like in classic dungeon crawlers, or you can “dual stick” with your thumbs for a more modern approach.

The game features three modes in all. Abyss is an endless roguelike experience while Arena sees you do battle against other real players. Then there’s the main mode, The Town, which is a hub world where you pick up your story quests and so forth.

Blades even features town-building where you’ll be able to decide what your town looks like and what goes on within its walls. Of course, you’re able to visit your friend’s towns, too.

Howard declared they’re hoping to bring Blades to every platform they can, from mobiles through to consoles and all the way up to virtual reality. It’ll be free when it releases later in the year, though it’s available to pre-order now.