In-depth Look: Fallout 4 Collector’s Edition Survival Guide

Fallout games are notorious for having something to find in every corner. You can spend 100 hours playing through the vast world and still miss a ton of content. That’s where the Fallout 4 Vault Dwellers Guide is absolutely essential. We wanted to break down each section and show you why you need to pick this up to ensure that you find absolutely everything that there is to find in this stunning game.

You can still purchase the Collector’s Edition from HERE or HERE

[divider]STATS[/divider]StatIMG_7606 copy


The stats section will teach you the basics of Pip-Boy manipulation, interactions with others as well as how to perfect your S.P.E.C.I.A.L abilities and perks. It will also give you advice about companions as well as all the intricate details of crafting.


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The Inventory section will help you understand the complex and unrecognisable world that you once knew by going through the gruesome details of every single tool, weapon and aid related item. It will also run through different armoury and apparel options. It’s incredibly useful when sorting out your best possible load out and what is worth keeping or selling.


[divider]QUEST DATA[/divider]Data

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The Data section in my opinion is the most valuable in the whole guide. It will allow you to go back once all is said and done and go through each quest with a fine tooth comb to see everything that you may have missed and get the absolute most of out of Fallout 4. It is what makes this guide absolutely essential as every quest is worth exploring within Fallout 4.

[divider]MAP & RADIO[/divider]MapIMG_7608 copy


The Map section works in perfect conjunction with your on-screen Pip-Boy. It allows you to track items that you may have missed as well as discover what enemies may appear in each zone. It allows you to discover areas that you may have previously missed to ensure that you haven’t missed any of Fallout 4’s unique locations.


The Collector’s Edition Vault Dwellers guide comes with two incredible extras. The first being an exclusive premium physical map of both the Commonwealth and Greater Boston Neighhoods. The second exclusive being 7 posters which encompasses the different aspects of S.P.E.C.I.A.L. These are incredible in quality and are a great addition to any gamers walls.
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