Party Chat: Would You Buy The PlayStation 4.5?

Party Chat is our weekly feature where we let you have your say on a topical question related to the gaming industry. This week we asked you whether you’d purchase a PlayStation 4.5 taking in all the information that has currently been reported on.

We discussed why we think that it’s a good idea for the entire gaming industry. You can read our thoughts HERE.[divider] [/divider]


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The result ended up being quite split. 39% of you said that you would purchase a PlayStation 4.5 and 61% of you said that you wouldn’t. This is pretty indicative of where we expect most people’s mindsets to be at. The PlayStation 4.5 won’t be for everyone. Most people would be perfectly happy with their base PS4.

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We’ve collated some of the most interesting responses below. It’s not too late to be apart of the conversation. Follow us on Twitter to let us know how you feel. 


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