The 7 Most Popular Video Game To Movie Adaptations

Video game to movie adaptions have been an interesting mix throughout the years. Some have achieved great success, some are cult-classics and there are those that are just plain bad. This year, we see the release of both Warcraft: The Beginning & Ratchet and Clank. In this list we take a look at the popular video game adaptions to date.[divider] [/divider]


Perhaps one of the first and most infamous video game to film adaptations, SMB is equally one of the worst video game movies and yet one of the most beloved cult classics. The stars of the film have openly derided the film, but it is still firmly rooted in pop culture, so far was it’s influence in mainstream media. The fact that so many people still know about this film is a testament not just to the ‘so-bad-it’s-good’ qualities of the film but to the everlasting influence of the Mario series.[divider] [/divider]


While we never speak of the sequel (Revelation), the original Silent Hill film was a surprisingly strong video game adaptation. While most of these films are made by directors-for-hire who don’t care about the source, Silent Hill’s director Christophe Gans was a huge Silent Hill fan, appealing directly to Konami to allow him to direct an adaptation, which paid off. Silent Hill took a wildly different approach in terms of the plot compared to the first game, and the shoehorning in of the male characters due to studio pressure is done with little grace, but there’s no denying that this is a haunting, mesmerizing film that is absolute gorgeous to look at. Costing $50 million, the film ended up grossing just under $100 million, making it a moderate success enough to warrant a sequel, which is universally seen as one of the worst adaptations ever made, and one of the worst films ever made in the 21st century.[divider] [/divider]


This contestant on the list is probably one of the most nostalgia-filled titles for a lot of readers, because who doesn’t remember getting their parents to take them to this film the day it was released? Or those who went day one as an adult, considering Pokemon’s appeal is pretty much universal when you think about it. The franchise has spawned a great many deal of films throughout its existence, but none have come close to the success of this 1999 adaption that took theaters by storm grossing over a $163 million dollars worldwide.[divider] [/divider]


It’s hard to make any video game movie-related list without including this cult classic of an adaption, which to this day despite its lackluster critical reception is seen as a cult classic due to its pop culture relevance around its release and general faithfulness to it’s original source. Making over a $122 million dollars on a mere $20 million dollar budget, Mortal Kombat took theaters by storm as fans of the franchise went in to see this Paul W.S. Anderson adaption. Filled with weird writing and questionable performances, it’s hard to dismiss the fact that Mortal Kombat falls into the “so bad it’s good” territory.[divider] [/divider]


Disney’s more straightforward take on Ubisoft’s Prince of Persia may not be as successful (an understatement) on papers due to its $275 million dollar budget (including marketing), but when we take a look at it’s financial gross it does take its place as the second best earning video game-based title on this list.  Produced in collaboration with Jerry Bruckheimer Productions, known for countless films which you’ve probably heard about at least a dozen of them, Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time identified as a more lighthearted and adventurous take on the classic trilogy. One of the most unique aspects about the film is its Arabian setting, which despite its critical reception did set it apart as the genre of Arabian epics(setting-wise, not cast-wise) is quite rare in modern day Hollywood. The film took in $336 million dollars worldwide.[divider] [/divider]


The original adaption of this classic franchise starring Angelina Jolie takes the list by storm by earning over $275 million dollars at the box office, placing her in the spotlight as the actress took her place confidently as an action heroine within the confinements of Hollywood. Co-starring no other than James Bond himself: Daniel Craig (which seems to slip our minds every time we see the film), Lara Croft: Tomb Raider, despite its critical reception, took its place in the spotlight and more than doubled its production budget worldwide.

Making over a $150 million dollars worldwide at the Box Office, the Angelina Jolie-driven sequel took in much less than its predecessor and wasn’t as warmly received as the first movie’s already divisive reception, but managed to turn a profit anyway.[divider] [/divider]


With a combined gross of nearly a billion dollars against a budget of 250 million, the Resident Evil films can assuredly take the throne of most successful video game adaptations to date, despite some very mixed reactions from fans and critics. Written, directed and produced primarily by Paul W.S Anderson (of Mortal Kombat fame), the series stars his wife Milla Jovovich as Alice, a character created entirely for the movies. However, tonnes of fan favourites pop up throughout the movies, from Jill Valentine (in classic RE3 outfit) to Albert Wesker and even the popular Nemesis antagonist.

Despite the negative responses to the series, they remain consistently popular to audiences, with a final installment due for release January 27th.[divider] [/divider]

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