These Are The Best Nintendo NX Mockups So Far

With yesterday’s bombshell report announcing that the Nintendo NX would be primarily a portable console with removable controls, the internet has been quick to come up with what they believe the console could look like.

The one thing that is certain is that even though this report is pretty detailed, there’s still a lot up for interpretation. It’s absolutely impossible to know that Nintendo could be cooking up. One can only dream for something as sexy as what’s going around the internet at the moment.

We’ve included some of the best below.

Eurogamer's interpretation based on their report
Eurogamer’s interpretation based on their report
A Wii U prototype that strangely fits the NX description
Nintendo expert ‘Vook64’ points out that it won’t be the first console with detachable controls
Stunning mockup by NeoGAF's 'Pittree'
Stunning mockup by NeoGAF’s ‘Pittree’
Interesting iPad Combo By NeoGAF’s ‘Fox_Mulder’
Solid concept by NeoGAF’s ‘HotHamBoy’
Interesting interpretation by NeoGAF’s ‘ArtHands’