Initial No Man’s Sky Impressions Are Mostly Positive

The embargo for one of the most hyped games of all time is now over. Our review copy is unfortunately arriving later than expected, which means that our review is still some time away. This is largely due to the fact that Hello Games released a massive launch day patch that changed the overall experience. You can find these patch notes HERE. 

Taking this into account, we’ve decided to wrap up some of the impressions from around the internet.

Metro said that the scale of the game was everything that was promised, but the longevity of the game was questionable.

In terms of scale No Man’s Sky is exactly what we hoped for, and in terms of its action it’s actually better than we expected. How well the structure and longevity of the game holds together will take us several days to find out, but we honestly can’t wait to get back to it and discover even more.

PushSquare were largely intrigued by the game, and claimed that it could be played for multiple hours without getting old.

“No Man’s Sky is a strange and beautiful beast, then – the kind of game that can be played for multiple hours without really showing its hand. In an age where more structured campaigns are frowned upon, perhaps it will capture the imagination of those who don’t want to be told what to do. As we write these words, though, we can’t help but wonder whether we’re the only ones utterly bemused by Hello Games’ opus right now.”

TheSixthAccess said that the game took 6-7 hours to really start hitting its stride, with the game said to have quite a tedious beginning.

“Six or seven hours in, and No Man’s Sky is really starting to hit its stride. I’ve largely stopped renaming planets and animals once I ran out of imaginative nonsense and Farscape characters, but I’ve got to grips with what to do when I enter a new system, found planets with giant boulders of gold and other valuable elements to scoop up with my laser and sell at trading posts, and that’s let me buy better multi-tools and a new (and awesome looking) ship. I even got into my first few space battles, only to discover that I was biting off more than I could chew.”

God Is A Geek praised the game for letting their explore at their own pace but stated that there were concerns that the game might become overly mundane with time.

“I wanted a universe I could explore at my own pace. I wanted something that let me grow and understand with it. My biggest concern right now is that of longevity. So much of it requires self motivation that if the planets don’t stay fresh, and the tasks become overly mundane, people (myself potentially included) won’t ever see the centre of this incredible, enormous universe. Right now, though, No Man’s Sky is everything I wanted it to be, but only time will tell if it can sustain that feeling.”

There you have it. The world isn’t going to end and it seems like No Man’s Sky is at least initially living up to the hype. The team will be bringing you our initial impressions in the coming days.