Our Most Anticipated Games Of October

Release Date: Friday, October 7th
Platforms: PS4 / Xbox One / PC

Mafia III brings the series to a reimagined New Orleans in the 1960s. You play as Lincoln Clay, a vet who returns to the town looking for a place to live and belong. Lincoln will build his own empire throughout the events of the game to take down other criminals.

James said: “I’ve never played the Mafia games but the charismatic setting has proven enough to pull me in. Hopefully the game isn’t all style and has some substance to the ambitious themes it looks to be tackling 

Seamus said: “Despite never playing 1 or 2, Mafia III caught my eye last year after being featured by Game Informer, and has since become of of my most anticipated games of 2016.

Its set during a truly interesting time and place  in American history, and looks to feature a ton of interesting characters and factions, who I can’t wait to help take down the Italian Mafia with.”

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Release Date: Friday, October 7th
Platforms: PS4 / Xbox One / PC

The Silver Case is one of the first games ever from the mind that brought the industry Killer7, Shadows of the Damned and Lollipop Chainsaw.  The game sees players investigating a string of bizarre murders in a warped vision of Japan.

James said: “I have played every one of Suda’s work but I’ve never had an opportunity to properly play The Silver Case. I’d never thought I’d ever see a release in the West but it’s incredibly exciting to finally give it a proper go.

Steven said:
 “I’m a fan of Goichi Suda’s work, and The Silver Case is one of the last games he has been involved with that wasn’t available to English speaking audiences, until now. Keen.”

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Release Date: Saturday, October 8th
Platforms: Wii U

Nintendo’s pseudo follow-up to Sticker Star sees Mario wielding the brand new Paint Hammer to paint enemies and the environment to progress throughout the game, along with other clever gimmicks like “Flip” which return from previous games.

Steven said: “Everyone wrote this off as yet another uninspired spinoff to begin with, but reports from people with early access are positive. I want a Paper Mario I can dig deep into again.”

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Release Date: Tuesday, October 11th
Platforms: Xbox One / PC

Gears of War returns with a new developer, new playable characters and a brand new enemy. Featuring a campaign with wild weather effects, competitive e-sport ready multiplayer and a redesigned Horde mode; Gears of War 4 is the complete package.

Kevin said:I thought the trilogy was a fine series of games and Judgment left a sour taste in my mouth. Keen to re-enter the Coalition and experience how much the cover based gameplay system has improved.”

James said:
I was a bit soured on the franchise after Judgment which was reasonable but slightly misguided. While 4 looks promising, it’s also in the hands of a brand new developer so it’ll be interesting to see how Gears of War 4 turns out in the end.

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Release Date: Tuesday, October 11th
Platforms: PS4

One of the greatest action games of last year makes it’s triumphant return on the Playstation 4. Featuring greater visuals, additional chapters and even Playstation VR support, Rise of the Tomb Raider is one of the strongest Tomb Raider games yet.

Jake said:The wait has been long and drawn out thanks to the Xbox exclusive, but I can finally continue the journey of Lara Croft on my PS4. I really enjoyed the first game of the new franchise, and would probably go as far to say that it is still one of my favourite games.”

Matt said:It’s been a long time since I’ve played a Tomb Raider game, and I kinda let the reboot pass me by. But considering the reception when this was released on Xbox and PC, I’d like to give in and see what the game does for me.

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Release Date: Thursday, October 13th
Platforms: PC (Consoles in 2017)

Shadow Warrior 2 is set five years after the original game, and players step into the shoes of a ninja warrior who must defend the planet against a horde of demons. Shadow Warrior 2 promises relentless bloodshed and even four player co-op.

Kevin said:Addictive fast gameplay, bad voice acting, heaps of gore: sign me the hell on.

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Release Date: Friday, October 21st
Platforms: PS4 / Xbox One / PC

EA and DICE’s monster franchise returns to the Battlefield (literally) in Battlefield 1. Taking time all the way back to World War 1, Battlefield 1 may have taken steps back but looks to be only moving forward with it’s new yet old approach to warfare.

Ewan said: “15 hours. That’s how long I played the open beta. That’s how long I played one game mode on one map. That’s how good Battlefield 1 is.


I am a long-time Battlefield fan (well, at least since the original Bad Company) but this seems to be the most fleshed out experience yet, delivering deep mechanical multiplayer mayhem.

Jake said:Pretty sure anyone who has seen the trailers and early gameplay for Battlefield 1 has added it to their most anticipated list. I can absolutely guarantee this is going to be my number 1 shooter for the holiday season and I’m looking forward to smashing Matt and Ewan on the battlefield (pun intended).

Mehdi said:Including all of the events and the open beta, I must’ve put at least 30 hours into this game so far. Keep in mind, this was all on one map… That being said, those 30 hours were the most fun I’ve had with a shooter since Battlefield 4, which is a pretty high benchmark for me personally.

Combine that with the fact that we’re finally getting a refreshing setting and changing up the formula, Battlefield 1 is pretty much the top contender of my wish list this fall.

Raymond said:Rather than anything else, what intrigues me most about this game is that it’s set in WW1. Forget space battles and augmented soldiers – the historical setting along with a refreshing take on the FPS genre is what I’m looking most forward to.

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Release Date: Friday, October 28th
 PS4 / Xbox One / PC

Bethesda brings their modern classic Skyrim to the new generation of consoles. This special edition boasts improved visuals, improved lighting and every piece of downloadable content has been thrown in as well. The standout here is mod support too, but only for Xbox and PC players.

Kevin said:Completely free for PC owners of the original? 64bit modding? I’m prepared to sink 300 more hours on this.

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Release Date: Friday, October 28th
Platforms: PS4 / Xbox One / PC

The Titanfall franchises returns and this time it’s bigger and better – boasting a single player campaign with an intriguing story, the same frenetic multiplayer action that players of the original enjoyed and even a jump to the other console – that’s right, Titanfall 2 is on everything!

Seamus said: Titanfall is one of my favourite first person shooters of all time, so it’d make sense for me to be excited for the sequel right? While I’m apprehensive about it, I’m interested to see whether it can live up to the standards the team set with the original game. But you can bet I’ll be there on launch to find out!

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