Press Start Playlist – Final Fantasy XV

Music is an essential component to any game. But what if the game’s music doesn’t do it for? Through no fault of its own, the soundtrack might not be your jam.

Introducing Press Start Playlists, where we offer an alternative collection of music to accompany a game, or a series or genre. The said game’s soundtrack may not necessarily be lacking, but we’d simply like to offer some alternatives, all with an accompanying complete, cultivated Spotify playlist.

Without further ado, here’s Press Start’s Playlist for Final Fantasy XV!

Here’s the complete playlist:

Stylo – Gorillaz

Stylo is the perfect driving song; it has a slow and steady beat, a hummable melody and rap verses to sing along to. Hence, it’s perfect for all the driving you’re sure to do in your Regala as you travel between quests and waypoints. I can just imagine Noctus and the gang bellowing out Bobby Womack’s chorus now!

Can’t Stop – Red Hot Chilli Peppers


What better way is there to strut into battle or roll into town with your band of monster hunting ass-kickers other than doing so to the guitar riffs of Can’t Stop. You’ll look like a badass, you’ll feel like a badass, you will be a badass.

Shelter – Porter Robinson & Madeon

Shelter seems to be the perfect montage song for all the snaps Prompto takes on your travels around Eos. Why not collect them all, create a slideshow and use this as a backing track. Or perhaps as you frolic around the land, celebrate a battle or chat about girls, put this gorgeous pop song on.

The Wolfpack – Angels & Airwaves

The powerful, driving chords of The Wolfpack might be exactly what you need as you scour through dungeons. What’s more is you can almost imagine the gang rocking this one on stage themselves and some of the lyrics are even appropriate. Noctis is kind of a “a city boy that can never say never” isn’t he?

Run – Tourist

Of the couple of themes that grate on me, the Chocobo theme is probably the most infuriating. It’s a fiddle heavy upbeat, repetitive Renaissance-fair jig that I’m already sick of hearing. What about Tourist’s Run instead? The 6 minute banger lasts the length any Chocobo journey and is equally uplifting, whilst granting the listener a feeling of freedom, of liberation, the same sort of feeling I imagine you’d have riding Final Fantasy’s answer to Big Bird.

High Ball Stepper – Jack White

You might recognize it from the Magnum ad, but it’s still a dope song. You encounter enemies around every corner in Eos, and it’s in these moments High Ball Stepper seems most appropriate. As you stare down the enemy, identify their weaknesses and plan your attack, Jack White’s roaring, distorted instrumental work is sure to inspire you.

Gravity – Jamatar

Night time drives require some different tunes. Take Gravity as a suggestion. It’s spacey, and twinkles like the night sky. Most of all, it’ll have you boogieing away in your car seat, or couch, or desk chair — you know what I mean.

Episode I – Duel of the Fates – John Williams

Little good came of The Phantom Menace, but Duel of the Fates was at least something. Final Fantasy is known for it’s epic orchestral score – and this is no different in the case of XV – but I couldn’t help but play a bit of this John Williams masterpiece going into battle.

Here’s the complete playlist: