What To Buy A Gamer That Has Everything For Christmas

So your significant other, family member or friend is a hardcore game, but you don’t know what to buy them? This is the list for you. These items are for the hardcore gamer that spends hundreds of dollars a month on gaming items to the point that you just don’t know what to get them before they have everything.

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The Astro A50 just received it’s third generation update and it’s now more appealing than ever. Featuring a base station which has magnetic charging for simple docking, as well as a battery life of 15 hours and auto power on/off. The headset is one that any hardcore gamer must own. It also has a built-in MixAmp to control your chat and gameplay audio as well as three custom EQ modes. It’s available at EB Games for $479.[divider] [/divider]


KontrolFreek Thumbstick grips take your gaming experience to the next level. Particularly useful for first-person shooters, these grips give you better control and accuracy providing you with more grip and comfort than ever imaginable.

The Gamesmen has a massive range available varying in franchise and price point. They start at about $14 and go up to $34.95 depending on the style.

You can find the range HERE.

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Hardcore gamers can spend hours on end playing the latest titles, so having a proper gaming chair is a necessity. None are better than the German designed Noblechairs. Coming in both faux and real leather in a variety of awesome colours, nothing says I love you like the joys of providing comfort night after night.

You can pick one of these up at Mwave. They start at $399 but vary in price depending on finish and colour.

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Most hardcore gamers will have either a PlayStation 4 or Xbox One by now, but why not treat them with the latest and greatest in the console space. The Xbox One S will provide you with a much more streamlined console that is 4K capable, whereas the PlayStation 4 Pro will enhance your gaming experience with 4K graphics and faster frame rates.

The Xbox One S can be had from EB Games for about $329 whilst the PS4 Pro is $559.

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Xbox One fans have had an Elite controller for quite some time, but finally, NACON has released the Revolution Pro Controller for PS4. Developed with pro players in mind, the controller is extremely customisable to provides gamers with a brand new experience. It features 4 extra buttons, an 8-way directional pad and four custom profiles.

You can pick it up from EB Games for $179.[divider] [/divider]