The Best RPG Of 2016



We voted for Pokemon Sun and Moon as our RPG of the year. Narrowly beating Final Fantasy XV, Pokemon Sun and Moon was able to push forward the Pokemon series off the back of Pokemon GO. Charlie gave the game a 9 in his review and said: “Pokemon Sun and Moon have taken the Pokemon games above and beyond to a whole new level. The roster of Pokemon present is perhaps the most diverse and unique I’ve ever seen, with designs, abilities and typing we could never have imagined they’d create.”

Steven said: “Pokemon Sun and Moon has made some of the biggest improvements to the Pokemon formula since the move to 3D. So many quality of life improvements take away many of the nonsensical annoyances of older games, and it finally ditches the “8 gyms and a league” structure we’ve had for almost every Pokemon game until now. ”

Lewis said: “I’m a huge fan of Pokemon and Sun/Moon really impressed me. With a bunch of new features, I feel like the game is different enough from the others that I will want to play it again and again.”


Final Fantasy XV took out the fan vote, proving that the latest game is an RPG that anybody can get into.

@VofEscaflowne on Twitter said: “Not just RPG of 2016 but FFXV is my GOTY. I don’t think anything will change that at this point.”

Reece Reid on Facebook said:Final Fantasy XV. It’s a pretty easy win. Well written story and likeable characters with a great range of enemies.”