7 Games That Will Get You In The Christmas Spirit

Christmas is upon us once again. This year, more than ever, there’s so many games getting Christmas updates. This appears to be a marketing ploy to get gamers coming back to games. We’ve highlighted seven instances in which we believe that Christmas has been awesomely implemented into games.


overwatch-christmasThe Christmas-themed Winter Wonderland update is enough to get anyone in the mood for Christmas. With a ton of new holiday-themed cosmetic items to be had from Loot Boxes and even a special Mei-themed PVP encounter to overcome.


christmas-pokemon-goPokemon GO is perfect for any occasion and we suspect that everyone will be playing it over the holiday break, but there’s never been a better time to play the game. Pokemon hunters can now catch a special Pikachu with a Santa hat. You can even evolve it into a Raichu who will retain the Santa hat. Also, there’s those Gen 2 babies to hatch from eggs. Get hunting!


dead-rising-christmasIf zombie slaying is your thing, the entirety of Dead Rising 4 is literally set within the holiday season. All of the marketing revealed for the game has featured Christmas decorations and music and the fact that it’s the holiday season plays an integral part in the game’s story.


Destiny’s newer update The Dawning just so happens to coincide with Christmas, meaning it will contain a number of festive additions. Gift boxes are themed to look like Christmas presents and it’s just a ton of fun in general.


cod-christmasCall Of Duty is even getting in on the holiday fun. COD: Infinite Warfare is getting a decorated Genesis map between December 21st and January 1st. You’ll be able to get special bonuses and winter-themed customisation items.

Modern Warfare Remastered is also getting the Christmas treatment. The Crash map will be decorated with candy canes and holiday lights. Activision are even renaming it ‘Winter Crash’.


hitman-christmas2016’s biggest stealth release Hitman is even getting in on the Christmas fun. In a special mission set in Paris, the streets will be filled with snows and trees to celebrate the festive season. The mission is called Holiday Hoarders and gamers will be tasked with the mission of murdering two thieves who are attempting to steal presents. Sounds like a much more mature Home Alone?


street-fighter-christmasIf you’re looking for a fighter, Street Fighter V has been updated with a ton of Christmas costumes and a whole new christmasy-themed level. Popular fighters such as Ken, Laura and Zangeif will have new costumes, but unfortunately you’ll need to pay for all of these items as they are premium content.

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