The Best VR Experience Of 2016



Well, 2016 was the emerging year for VR. PlayStation VR finally hit the market pushing VR further into the home. Whilst there weren’t too many VR games on the market, Batman Arkham VR stood out for us for many reasons. It was the first VR game and quite frankly one of the only ones to incorporate a well known franchise into the VR world and make it an incredibly natural fit using the device. Shannon gave the game an 8 in his review and said: “Batman Arkham VR is one hell of an experience. It’s definitely one of my favourite VR launch titles due to the fact that it takes a set of well-known characters and lets you engage with them and Gotham like you’d never thought was possible. It’s something that every gamer or comic book enthusiast needs to experience.”

Lewis said: “If there is any character that deserves a VR game, it’s Batman. You get to BE Batman, if that’s not enough of a reason to love this game, nothing is.”

Ewan said: “Since the idea of virtual reality was put forward, I’ve argued that the technology requires wholehearted support and actual games, rather than just experiences. All of these games I believe embody the level of dedication to the new medium, but none moreso that Batman VR. With the backing of the major triple-A studio of Rocksteady, Batman VR proves there is the potential for polished, mechanic rich, real games on VR, not just experiences. There is a story, there is gameplay, all the while playing as the Caped Crusader. VR needs more like it.”


The wonderful Until Dawn: Rush of Blood took out reader’s choice.

Samuel Anstee on Facebook said: “Rush of Blood. I was disapointed in Batman only being a Demo. Rush of Blood was a full blown experience.”