Our Final Nintendo Switch Predictions

Well, after months of leaks, speculations and no-shows of the Nintendo Switch, the day is finally here. At 3pm AEDT today (you can find a full list of times here), we’ll know exactly what the Nintendo Switch is all about.

It’s unclear whether we’ll get local Australia pricing and release details today or at a local hands-on event (that we’re attending) that’s happening tomorrow.

Below, are some of our predictions based on purely what we’re feeling and not any insider knowledge. For the most part, it’s for fun, but it’s what we’re hoping to see and expect to see with a few surprises along the way.

Release Details:

  • $349 Australian Dollars
  • March 17th Release in Australia
  • 1 Sku at Launch

Console Specific:

  • 5+ Amiibo Announced
  • Friend Codes Are Gone
  • Region Free Confirmed
  • Micro SD Main Storage
  • Record Button Detailed
  • Free Online For All
  • Miis Are More Customisable
  • 4+ Hour Battery Life

Game Specific:

  • Mario Kart 8 At Launch
  • Zelda: BOTW At Launch
  • 3D Mario At Launch
  • Smash Bros Teased
  • 3+ GameCube VC Games At Launch
  • No Metroid Game (Yet)
  • Switch Sports Revealed
  • Sonic Crashes The Party
  • Splatoon At Launch
  • Pokemon Stars Revealed
  • Fallout + Skyrim Confirmed
  • 5+ 3rd Party Games At Launch
  • New Platinum Exclusive