Release Date: Tuesday, April 4th
Platforms: Playstation 4

Persona 5 is the fifth iteration in Atlus’ long running Persona series. In a story that makes no attempts to be mundane, you play as a group of high school kids who masquerade as phantom thieves who can steal hearts during the nighttime. Persona 5 combines turn based combat, with dungeon crawling exploration and visual novel style relationship building.

Steven said:A few years ago I got given Persona 4 Golden as a gift, and it utterly consumed me for a good few weeks — I couldn’t get enough of it. It’s been a long time coming, but Persona 5 is *finally*  here and I’m ready to be consumed yet again by the incredible acid jazz soundtrack, and to join in a new gang of friendly thieves.

Seamus said:If Persona 4 Golden was the only game I ever played on my PS Vita, I’d still be happy having a Vita, because it was that damn good. It was such a fun ride, with a thrilling story, paired with in depth and interesting characters, an awesome soundtrack and so much style. If Persona 5 is anywhere near as good as Golden, then I know I’ll be in for a great time, because Golden is probably my favourite JRPG.

Release Date: Wednesday, April 5th
Platforms: PC

Paradigm is a surreal adventure game set in a post apocalyptic Eastern European inspired setting. You play as a mutant whose past comes back to haunt him in the form of a sloth who vomits candy. Inspired by Day of the Tentacle, Monkey Island and other adventure games of yore, Paradigm promises to offer an absurd yet entertaining adventure.

Ewan said:Paradigm seems incredibly unique; it’s zany cast of characters and wacky plot appear to be born out of some crazy hallucinogenic induced mindtrip, in all the best ways. This quirky Australian indie adventure game has been on my radar since I played it at PAX last year, and am super excited to see it released this month. I cannot wait to see the hilarity that undoubtedly ensues in the course of this totally bonkers adventure. “

Seamus said:A point and click adventure game, where every line is a pun and every encounter is more ridiculous than the last. Following the story of a Paradigm, a horribly mutated chap who dreams of becoming the best electronic artist in the world, it’s a weird, silly and out there game. But it’s short demo at PAX Aus alone had me giggling and laughing at every turn, and left truly excited for the full release.

Release Date: Saturday, April 8th
Platforms: PS4 / Xbox One / PC

Bulletstorm was a stylish and ludicrous first person shooter that rewarded players for pulling off ridiculous and over the top kills. Full Clip Edition features remastered visuals, all the downloadable content previously released and some new surprises too.

Release Date: Tuesday, April 11th
Platforms: PS4 / Xbox One / Switch

Yooka-Laylee is considered to be a spiritual successor to classic 3D platformers, including Banjo-Kazooie. Developed by a team of RARE veterans, now known as Playtonic Games, Yooka-Laylee promises to bring back the feel of the collect-a-thon 3D platformer. For better or for worse.

Steven said:I’ve been super undecided on Yookay-Laylee since it was announced as a Kickstarter project in 2015. On one hand I am certainly excited for a new character platform collect-em-up adventure in the vein of Banjo Kazooie, but on the other I am extremely wary of Kickstarter campaigns succeeding on childhood nostalgia, and not quite recapturing that feeling. I’m keen to see whether Yooka-Laylee hits the goals it’s aiming for.

Brodie said:Growing up, Banjo-Kazooie was one of my favourite games and, to this day, I think Click Clock Woods is a master class of level design.

Years later, thanks to a successful Kickstarter campaign, the same minds behind my favourite bird and bear saga bring us the spiritual successor, Yooka-Laylee. I’m watching this one keenly, and I can’t wait to dive in to soak up the collectables, the adult humour and platforming goodness.

Ewan said:Don’t hate me, but I’ve never played a Banjo-Kazooie game. I am however, a big 3D platformer fan, I just went more of the route of Crash, Spyro, Ratchet and Jak – being the PlayStation kid that I am. It’s exciting to see the original creators of a beloved platformer franchise returning to the same genre, a genre I think has sorely lacked quality games in recent years, with the exception of last years Ratchet and Clank remake perhaps. Hopefully, Yooka-Laylee scratches that itch.

Seamus said:Going to be honest here, I don’t like Banjo-Kazooie. I thought it was bad game when it released and even more so today after playing it again in the Rare Replay on Xbox One, but I liked the ideas behind. Ideas which I hope are going to be executed with more finesse and style in it’s spiritual successor Yooka-Laylee. And at the end of the day, I’m really looking forward to having a simple and fun platformer which I don’t have to think about deeply while playing, but I can unwind with at the end of a long day.

Release Date: Thursday, April 20th
Platforms: PS4 / Xbox One / PC

Outlast II is a controversial first person horror game from Red Barrels, a Canadian developer. Loosely tied to the first game, Outlast II follows a cameraman named Blake who is working alongside his wife to investigate occult activities following a murder of a local pregnant woman. While details are scarce, Outlast II can be expected to push the envelope with the predicaments it’ll put it’s characters in.

James said:The first Outlast game was the first game I ever review for Press Start so there’s a bit of sentimentality with the series. While I enjoyed the first Outlast, I found the first game’s setting to be restrictive and a bit done-to-death. Outlast II taps into the resurgence we’re seeing of mid-western themed horror, which I loved in Resident Evil 7 and I’m a sucker for cult storylines too.”

Brodie said:Classification controversy aside, Outlast 2 has long been on my calendar as one of the year’s most anticipated horrors. The first reveal, which saw the player running for his life in a cornfield while being chased by a literal torch-bearing mob left the hairs on my neck standing.

Hopefully Red Barrels can capitalise on the free press that has resulted from the game’s ban and subsequent unbanning and get Outlast 2 on shelves to critical acclaim.

Release Date: Friday, April 21st
Platforms: Playstation 4

Previously released only in Japan and on the original Playstation, The Silver Case is a remake of the same game originally developed by Goichi Suda. Known as Suda51, he is the mind behind mind trips like No More Heroes, killer7 and Shadows of the Damned. The game is an obtuse adventure game that follows an investigation into some bizarre murders, but with an abstract twist.

James said:The Silver Case is apparently the first game in a trilogy of games that I’ve already played. Flower Sun and Rain as well as killer7 apparently are all built upon the story that The Silver Case puts in place. It’ll be great to finally play this, localised and in English, after such a long wait.

Steven said: I’ve enjoyed every Suda51 game I’ve played. Starting with Killer7, a game that repulsed me at first but I later grew to love — I’ve developed an affinity for Goichi Suda’s work. I’m happy we get a chance to play The Silver Case in English finally. As one of Suda’s first works in games it could be an interesting look at how his style began.

Release Date: Wednesday, April 26th
Platforms: PS4 / Xbox One / PC

Sniper: Ghost Warrior 3 is allegedly the first game in the series to feature the same budget as a typical AAA game. Taking place in Georgia, the game is now truly open world giving players more of an opportunity to scout out different ways to approach their missions.

Release Date: Friday, April 28th
Platforms: Playstation 4

Dragon Quest Heroes melds the action of games like Dynasty Warriors and Hyrule Warriors with the more in-depth RPG elements of the Dragon Quest series. Offering a similar experience to the previous game, Dragon Quest Heroes II provides a greater and more customisable class system and a co-op story campaign.

Release Date: Friday, April 28th
Platforms: Nintendo Switch

Mario Kart 8 Deluxe marks the series debut on the Nintendo Switch. Based on the extremely popular Mario Kart 8, Deluxe adds new characters to the mix as well as the much loved and very much missed Battle Mode. Mario Kart’s extremely popular formula when mixed with the versatility of the Switch platform is bound to make Deluxe a must have for every Switch owner.

Steven said:I still play Mario Kart 8. I genuinely consider it the best Mario Kart game yet. It looks incredible, has a fantastic jazzy big-band soundtrack and controls like a dream. There’s not much new content in Deluxe beyond the (hopefully) actually good Battle Mode courses, but I’m looking forward to performance improvements for sure.

Release Date: Friday, April 28th
Platforms: PS4 / Switch

Puyo Puyo Tetris is a puzzle game developed by Sonic Team. Previously released on other platforms, the game is coming to Playstation 4 and Nintendo Switch this month. The game features multiple modes that merge gameplay elements of both the Puyo Puyo and Tetris franchises. Players can battle it out in a variety of modes both online and off.

Damian said:It’s always interesting to see how a developer reimagines a classic game formula – and Sega’s take on Tetris is no exception. Now that it’s finally getting a Western release, I’m excited to see what kind of makeover has been given to one of all my time favourite games.