E3 Countdown: Destiny 2

In the lead-up to E3, we’re counting down with our most anticipated titles. You can find out when all the press conferences are taking place in Australian/NZ times HERE.

Bungie’s follow-up to Halo has, without a doubt, been a divisive experience. The rough and shallow beginnings were enough to deter a lot of gamers who’ve since missed out on the incredible experience Destiny has since become. It has enveloped me in its clutches, stolen hundreds of my free hours and helped me forge countless new friendships.

Our first glimpse at Destiny 2 made it clear that Bungie isn’t reinventing the wheel, they’re merely doubling down on what they’ve learned from the first few years of Destiny’s life-cycle. Early streams of the game have shown that Bungie has better developed its characters and world, doing away with the hidden away lore-filled Grimoire cards, placing it at the fore of the experience. Detractors be damned.destiny-when-wasA sequel to Destiny has long been a thing of public knowledge after it was first discussed in November of 2014, shortly after the first title released. Bungie did confirm on February 11, 2016, that a full sequel would arrive in 2017.

Then, after a promotional poster leaked on March 23, Bungie tweeted the first image of Destiny 2 four days later.destiny-where-willMuch like Call of Duty, Sony has been exhaustive in their pursuit for really great exclusivity deals. They had one in place for the first Destiny which, to this date, hasn’t lapsed much to the ire of Xbox players.

There’s yet another deal in place for the sequel, and it’s said to last well into 2018. So, it’s assumed Sony will show off more of Destiny at E3.destiny-when-willDestiny 2 is set to release September 8, 2017, for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, with a PC release set for a later, unconfirmed date.


Anything. My love for Destiny is so intense, I want to see literally anything.

There’s probably not a whole lot that Bungie can show us that they haven’t already without spoiling some of the promised in-game lore that this sequel is set to have. The first mission is already in the wild and showing anymore might be detrimental.

So, perhaps we’ll get a glimpse at some of the incredible new exotic gear we’re going to be able to acquire once the Tower falls to the Red Legion, and perhaps we’ll get a better look at the more refined four-on-four Crucible modes.