7 Lesser Known Dreams Experiences That You Shouldn’t Miss

Media Molecule’s Dreams is brilliant. A week and a bit on from launch, creatives from all corners of the globe are coming together to contribute dreams of all types and sizes, whether that’s a full remake of P.T to a game featuring chonky Sonic, the potential of Dreams seems endless.

Whilst we covered some of the bigger amazing Dreams that you can play through right here, I thought I’d put together a list of seven games and experiences that aren’t littered all over the front pages in Dream Surfing that are well worth checking out, too.

Ball World Adventures! Part One & Two by xXRazorfistXx

Ball World Adventures channels all of the momentum-based puzzling you’d likely ever crave in Dreams. Much like recent indie gem Marble It Up!, Ball World Adventures has you navigate a variety of levels as a small marble trying to avoid obstacles and a rather massive drop into the abyss. For the challenge enthusiasts, each level is also timed and level-specific high scores can be viewed on the leaderboards. It’s addictive, fun for everyone and, most importantly, has a great soundtrack to back the themes of each level you roll through. 

There are two parts to the game now, both being different dreams, with the link above taking you to the first part as a starting point.

Fret Star by j_plusb

Fret Star’s been available for a while now and currently only has two songs available to play. That said, rhythm game lovers will find a lot to love about it. Harking back to the good old days of Guitar Hero 3: Legends of Rock and utilising the control scheme of Rock Band Unplugged, you make use of a few of the DualShock 4 controller’s face buttons to hit the notes in time to the music coming down the screen. It’s a simple premise, of course, but is well recreated in Dreams and feels great to play. 

As someone who’s put a lot of time into the Rock Band and Guitar Hero games, it was a treat to play Fret Star. Don’t miss it.

Vanguard by sleeperwolf

Vanguard is an audio-visual short that’s a testament to the ways players can manipulate and create art in Dreams. Focused around the travels of a mech, the short is a feast for the eyes — the way sleeperwolf and their small team of collaborators have animated and designed the world is jaw-dropping. It’s one of the best looking dreams out there right now, and should be on everyone’s radar while searching for something unique and entertaining to check out in-game.

Outpost 60 by BrianTaylor60

Outpost 60 is a showcase game, meaning it’s an explorable scene as opposed to being a full-fledged game of any kind. That said, its use of atmospheric lighting and music is great. Exploring the creepy substation kept me on edge and gave me feelings resembling the early moments of Alien, where we followed Ripley and crew into the unknown. If you like sci-fi settings, it’s certainly worth checking out. 

Duet by byvsen

Green Guy and Bo make their debut in Duet, a cute little animation showing off how music videos can work in Dreams. It’s short but filled with charm, great animation and creative humour that’ll keep you entertained all the way through. I hope we see more of this style of dream over the coming months! 

Project Ikelos by ArcaneArts_

An early work in progress, Project Ikelos is an example of a game being actively developed within Dreams by a team of dedicated creatives. It’s a fascinating look at long-term development on projects, and how longer experiences can be delivered over a span of time.

The game’s an ambitious project, too, consisting of dark fantasy elements and an emphasis on third person combat. It’s safe to say it’s still a work in progress — as combat feels quite clunky — but it’s another great instance of creatives and developers making use of the wide variety of tools Dreams has to offer. If Dark Souls is your thing, give this one a try (and remember it’s just a gameplay demo!). 

K-Fu by Skee__Lo

If you’re into fighting games, K-Fu is a look at the realms of possibility on offer for the genre in Dreams. Basic in its premise but generally quite well made, K-Fu delivers a fun little fighter that has bloody great art direction. You’ve also got to balance a range of statuses in-game, like your overall stamina and defence levels, alongside your health of course, which adds an extra element to a fight. Don’t sleep on this one, as it’s a bunch of fun. 

Have you been playing Dreams? Let us know what levels you’ve personally enjoyed and whether or not you’ve created any of your own so far! 

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