WOW Shadowlands

Here’s A Deeper Look Into the Lore of World of Warcraft Shadowlands

In the lead up to World of Warcraft’s highly anticipated eighth expansion, Shadowlands, Blizzard has dropped some intriguing, all-new details about one of the four new Covenants. The events of World of Warcraft: Shadowlands takes place in the hidden realms of wonder and horror known as the Shadowlands. As one of Azeroth’s greatest champions, you have been granted the power to cross over to the afterlife, investigating conspiracy and corruption in pursuit of sealing the rift between the living and the dead.

In order to do so, you will have to forge an alliance with one of the Covenants of the Shadowlands and in this deep-dive reveal, Blizzard invites World of Warcraft players to Revendreth to meet the vampiric Venthyr.

Revendreth is not a realm for the meek,” says World of Warcraft’s leads narrative designer, Steve Danuser. “Indeed, from its clouded, crimson skies to the dark stone ramparts of Castle Nathria, Revendreth imposes its stern will upon all who trod its cobbled streets. A fitting impression indeed, for it is not timid souls that are sent to this afterlife, but rather those which are fraught with pride and arrogance,” he continues, describing the ceaseless twilight of this gothic-inspired kingdom.

The troubled souls described by Danuser arrive in the care of the Master of Revendreth, the calculating and methodical Sire Denathrius. Each of these souls is compelled to inscribe their accumulated transgressions on a sinstone, which serves a tangible reminder of their failings in life. The Dredgers, diminutive caretakers, and devotees to the Master assure any prospective Venthyr that this is indeed the first step to redemption for any soul willing to suffer in pursuit of something greater in the afterlife.

Shaped in the image of Sire Denathrius himself, the ashen-skinned Venthyr inhabit the gothic hamlets of Revendreth’s many wards and districts. In their Master’s name, the Venthyr oversee the long process of stripping away the arrogance of defiant mortal souls. This process is not entirely selfless, however. The more prideful the soul, the more anima that can be harvested from it. As described in previous Shadowlands announcements, anima is the essence of the mortal souls that enter the Shadowlands and a new resource available to players. Anima can be gathered from various sources and is used for different game mechanics including powering up Souldbinds.

The aristocracy of the Venthyr is the Court of Harvesters. This elite group is comprised of the Master’s most trustworthy allies and includes notables such as Prince Renathal, the Accuser and the Stonewright.

The protection of Revendrath is overseen by the ever-vigilant Stoneborn, loyal defenders chiseled from the quarries of Revendreth by the Stonewright.

Should you choose to side with the cunning Venthyr during your journey through the Shadowlands, you will be exposed to many rigorous rituals designed to strip you of your pernicious pride and other encumbrances of mortality. There is no doubt that the looming keeps of Revendreth demand much of the souls that are harvested there but thanks to the dedication of Sire Denathrius every soul is gifted with the opportunity to find the road to redemption and one last chance to earn a brighter future.

World of Warcraft: Shadowlands will be available Spring 2020 exclusively on PC. If you’re interested in playing early, find out how to register for the Beta here.