Everything Announced In The December 2021 Indie World Nintendo Direct

Nintendo revealed a whole bunch of stuff overnight in their latest Indie World direct, including a bunch of games available right now. It wasn’t the hugest of showings but here’s the brunt of what was announced anyway.

Sea Of Stars Is A Killer SNES RPG Throwback We’ve Been Waiting For

It’s from the creators of The Messenger (and is, in fact, a loose prequel) and looks to imitate some of the best RPGs from the SNES era with a turn-based battle system and some nice-looking sprite work. It’s out at the end of 2022.

Aliisha Is A Cute Looking Co-Operative Adventure Game


It’s a puzzle adventure game that sees you controlling two twin sisters as they explore an ancient temple. Each of the sisters is controlled differently – and can be controlled solo or through co-op. It’s out in the Australian Autumn of 2022 and is a Nintendo Switch console exclusive.

We Got A Look At A New Point N Click Adventure Game – Loco Motive

It features some expressive sprite artwork and puzzles to solve in a comedy adventure that sees you investigating a suspicious death. It’s out in the Australian Winter of 2022.

After Love EP Is A Cute Looking Adventure Game That’s Super Wholesome

It’s billed as a story of friendship, love, and music about a man who struggles to find his muse following a messy break-up. It’s set in Jakarta and developed in Indonesia and even features some rhythm game elements. It’s out in the Australian Winter of 2022.

Dungeon Munchies Has You Eating Your Enemies To Escape

It’s a 2D side-scrolling action platformer where you’ve been raised from the dead and must escape with the help of an undead necrochef. There are 100 dishes to cook and collect from creatures you kill. It’s out later today!

Figment 2 Is Filled With Some Cool Musical Boss Battles

It’s a musical puzzle adventure game set inside the human mind. The music adapts to the way you play, offering a true pseudo-synesthesic experience. You can even play it with a friend locally if you so wish. It’s releasing in February 2022, though a demo is available today too.

A Whole Bunch Of Boardgames Are Coming To Nintendo Switch

They’re not quite the games you’re expecting, but they offer local and online play. It’s out later today and is a timed exclusive to Nintendo Switch.

Endling Is A Sombre Apocalyptic Platformer

You play as a fox as you navigate all kinds of obstacles both natural and manmade. It looks rather fun and has you looking to keep the last of your children alive to avoid extinction. It’s out in the Australian Autumn of 2022.

We Got More Of A Look At OlliOlli World

Look it’s not really my thing but it is looking nice. It’s releasing on February 8th 2022.

The First Gameplay Trailer For River City Girls 2 Was Shown Off

The aim is to have everything the original game had but also online co-op this time around too. The game will feature a bigger city filled with more locations too. It’s releasing in the Australian Winter of 2022.

A Short Sizzle Reel Revealed A Whole Bunch of Indies Coming To Switch Next Year


The games shown were Parkasaurus, Don’t Starve Together, Chicory: A Colourful Trailer, Baby Storm, Grime, Gerda: A Flame In Winter, Timelie and Behind The Frame: The Finest Scenery.

The Confronting RPG Omori Is Making The Jump from PC

The critically acclaimed RPG has you traveling between two different worlds and an unconventional story and battle system. It’s launching in the Australian Autumn of 2022.