All Of The Big Announcements From Devolver Digital Showcase

We love a bit of marketing countdown to marketing...

Devolver Digital certainly has built up a legacy of sorts for channeling all of their marketing efforts through insane, fever dream presentations that definitely leapfrog the line of unhinged. Although it isn’t packaged in with the regular E3 schedule, the publisher wasn’t ever going to sit out the week’s Summer Game Fest festivities.

In their ‘Marketing Countdown to Marketing’ presentation hosted by Suda51 in a mecha suit, Devolver Digital showcased what’s next for the publisher that has brought us, in the last couple of years alone, Fall Guys, Loop Hero, Death’s Door, Inscryption, and Card Shark.

Here’s a rundown on what was announced at this morning’s presentation.

Cult Of The Lamb Got A Super Cute, Yet Weird, Release Date Trailer

Devolver Digital’s presentation opened with a pretty adorable look at the world of Cult of the Lamb, a surprisingly cute game that has some dark occult goodies lurking beneath the surface.

It’s super Eldritch and shows off how the game balances community management with the ritual sacrifice that comes with appeasing the Gods. The game is set to release on August 11. Click here for our chat with the developer.

Anger Foot Looks Like An Acid Trip, First-Person Take On Hotline Miami

From the creators of Broforce comes Anger Foot, a game about kicking ass and taking names. It appears to involve breaching rooms and dispatching the bad guys in a number of ludicrous ways, including but not limited to fly-kicking explosive barrels.

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There’s a demo available now on Steam, but the game is coming in 2023.

Card Shark Might Be Out, But That Didn’t Stop Devolver Digital From Showing It Off

Here’s the trailer, and here’s our review.

The Plucky Squire Is Literally A Picture Book Adventure Come To Life

In a brief trailer, The Plucky Squire introduces us to Jot, a little picture book adventurer who fast discovers life outside of the page can be perilous and full of danger. It looks like a charming little platforming game.

The game is coming out next year for Xbox Series X/S, PlayStation 5, and PC.

In Skate Story You’re A Glass Demon Skating Through The Underworld

This is one I’ve personally been following for a while, but Skate Story is an absolutely stunning skateboarding fantasy game that casts you as a demon made of glass risking it all to skate through a dangerous underworld.

It’s super gorgeous and I’m so excited to see it getting some love.