Summer Game Fest Announcements 2022

All The Big Summer Game Fest Announcements For 2022

Consider me extremely whelmed.

Yet another event and yet another hope that a new Silent Hill game gets announced, but in the meantime, Geoff Keighley insisted we manage our expectations accordingly for his annual Summer Game Fest event.

There was still a heap of cool announcements though, so be sure to read ahead to recap yourself in the most stylish way possible. Sorry, I don’t make the rules.


The Original Last Of Us Is Getting A Rebuild Exclusively For PlayStation 5 and PC

It’s called The Last Of Us: Part 1 and would’ve been a nice surprise if it hadn’t leaked under an hour before the show. Who am I kidding, it’s been rumored for months now, it wouldn’t have been a surprise. It’s out on the 2nd September 2022, with a PC version coming later.

You Can Get A Head Start On Making Your Character In The New Saints Row Now

It’s an early look at the character customisation for the new Saints Row game, and it has a very robust set of sharing options so you can easily share your naked men amongst each other. Iconic. We had a chance to try it earlier in the month, too. If you’re wanting to grab it on all of the consoles or PC, you can download it HERE.

Infinity Ward Was Kind Enough To Show Us Some Campaign Gameplay From Modern Warfare II

Watching this makes me feel cold and wet” says Ewan at 4:18AM this morning. I’m inclined to agree, but there’s nothing wrong with the latter. My Press Start bestie, Brodie, got to visit Infinity Ward last week to see the game too if you’re interested. It’s releasing for most platforms on October 28th, 2022.

We Got A More Extended Look At The Callisto Protocol And It’s Definitely Deading My Space

Just in case you missed it last week. But I guess there was a bit more gore and death animations in this trailer which is hot. It’s releasing on December 2nd, 2022. I’m hot for it.

Guile Was Confirmed To Be Returning To Street Fighter 6

He’s looking like a good mix of his typical abilities plus some of the newer refinements introduced in Street Fighter 5. Even if the roster didn’t leak last week, this still wouldn’t be much of a surprise.

Aliens: Dark Descent Is Yet Another Attempt To Make Aliens Happen

The reveal trailer was about ten percent gameplay but I guess it could be third time lucky right? It’s a squad based RTS or something. Just give me a new Alien Isolation someone, please. PLEASE. It’s coming in 2023 anyway.

Flashback Is Getting A Sequel And It’s Imaginatively Titled Flashback 2

Shannon chides me quickly with a “cool for somebody!” as the title revealed itself. The franchise is returning almost thirty years since its original debut on PC and is releasing this year for most platforms.

We Got A New Look At Witchfire

If you don’t know what that is I don’t blame you. It’s a skill-based first-person shooter from the team who brought us The Vanishing Of Ethan Carter. It’s a bit Doom-y but it’s also doing its own thing. It’s coming at some point in the future but I think it looks great.

Fort Solis Is Yet Another Video Game With Troy Baker In It

It’s apparently a tight thriller (which is good because I hate a loose thriller) but it’s apparently filled with action too. Roger Clark is also in it. Yes.

Routine Is Yet Another Space Horror Game But I Think This One Looks Really Good Actually

The vibe is totally my vibe so if anyone so much as disparages this game I’ll cut you. You seem to be running from some creepy robots on an abandoned lunar base and Mick Gordon is doing the music. What’s not to love? It’s coming to Xbox and PC, and will also be available on Game Pass.

The Rock Did A Shirtless Cross To Plug An Energy Drink And Black Adam

If this actually happened I’ll know in the morning but for now, I’ll chalk it up to sleep deprivation.

Frost Giant Studios Revealed Their Debut Title And It’s Called Stormgate

It’s an RTS from a brand new team of people who previously worked at Blizzard. The team has previously worked on Starcraft 2 and Command & Conquer: Generals so there’s that. There’s a beta in 2023.

We Got A Look At A New Indie Game Called Highwater

It has a message revolving around climate change and a soundtrack that’s channelling a discount Lana Del Rey. It’s releasing in 2022.

American Arcadia Is Like The Truman Show But A Video Game Kind Of

It’s the next game from the team who brought us Call Of The Sea. It takes place in a city called Arcadia, where you play as someone whose entire life is being televised who eventually tries to escape their situation.

A Proper Goat Simulator Sequel Was Announced With A Cheeky Trailer

Goat Simulator 3 is the latest sequel from Coffee Stain and it’s coming this year exclusively to the Epic Games Store as well as Xbox and PlayStation.

We Got A Release Date And A Look At Some New Characters In Marvel Midnight Suns

It’s from the developers of XCOM, and the latest trailer confirmed that both Venom and Spider-Man are joining the battle. It’s coming out in less than four months but we didn’t see any gameplay which I find odd but it’s fine.

The Cuphead DLC Is Finally Finished And Very Close To Being In My Hands So Let Me Have A Sip

There’s a whole lot more coming to the game, including the playable debut of the resident isle honey Miss Chalice. The footage we saw combined platforming with boss battles and I just can’t wait. It’s coming to all platforms that Cuphead is available on at the end of the month.

We Got A Better Look At Gameplay For Neon White

It was previously revealed in a Nintendo Direct and has you playing as an assassin who fights his contracts in hell. It’s out on June 16th for Nintendo Switch and Steam.

Midnight Fight Express Is An Awesome Looking Brawler That’s Coming Soon

It’s made by one person which is pretty impressive. It has a PC demo live right now but it’s also launching on August 23rd. It’s also coming to Game Pass.

We Got A Look At Honkai Starrail And With A Name Like That You’ve Got My Attention

The music and the combat seem pretty epic but I really don’t think this is for me. It’s a free-to-play 3D tactical RPG from the people who brought us Genshin Impact.

TMNT: Shredders Revenge Adds Casey Jones As A Playable Character And Online Play Too

The game is shaping up to be something as equally special and nostalgic. It also features six players both locally and online, which is totally radical dude. It’s out next week and it’s on Game Pass too which is great.

We Got A Peek At One Piece Odyssey’s Gameplay

It’s a fully-fledged JRPG and the first time in a long time that a One Piece video game has been made. The graphics are looking as vibrant as ever, and sees Luffy and his crew jumping from island to island. It’s still coming this year, apparently.

The English Voice Cast For Soul Hackers 2 Was Revealed

I know it’s not as authentic to play the game this way but a full English localisation is always nice on an RPG of this scale from Atlus. It’s still on track for a release in August this year.

Metal Hellsinger Has You Slaying To A Beat With Some Pretty Epic Artists

I don’t know many of them but I recognise Serj Tankian which is pretty cool. If you liked games like B.P.M. then this is bound to be up your alley too. It’s out in September.

We Got More Of A Look At Nightingale

It’s a big open world game centered around crafting and survival. My two favourite things in games. The unique Victorian fantasy setting might be enough to convince me to give it a shot though.

Darktide Is Yet Another Warhammer Game And A Follow-Up To Vermentide

It’s a four-player co-op game that has you taking on hordes of enemies – more than rats this time. I’m not a fan of these Warhammer games that seem to release every three months but this one looks pretty good. It’s releasing on September 13th, 2022.

Bloober Team Revealed More Of Their New Layers Of Fear Game

It’s called Layers of Fears and it’s built entirely in Unreal Engine 5 so you can guarantee it’ll look pretty at least. This one is referred to as a “chronicle” so perhaps it’ll be segmented into smaller more focused stories. You can expect it to hit early next year.

WB Montreal Showed Off Nightwing In New Gotham Knights Footage

It’s nice to know we’ll get character-specific trailers as time goes by. Nightwing fights with his batons to beat the shit out of people (but don’t worry, he doesn’t kill them xoxo). Gotham Knights is still on track to release on October 25th and is now only on the newest generation of consoles.

Neil Druckmann Showed Off Some Concept Art For The New Multiplayer Last Of Us Experience

The Last Of Us Multiplayer

It’s a brand new cast of characters but takes place in a different location from the other Last of Us games. While it’s clearly further away, it’s expected to hit next year sometime.