All The Big Summer Game Fest Announcements For 2024

Lots of great stuff to round out the year!

There was a HEAP shown this morning at the Summer Game Fest, including some surprises that I was not expecting to see come.

So without further adieu, let’s jump straight into everything announced.


LEGO Horizon Zero Dawn Was Announced And It’s Coming To Nintendo Switch

It looks to mix the dense world of Horizon Zero Dawn with the trademark playful LEGO humour that we’ve come to expect. It’s out towards the end of this year for both PlayStation and Nintendo Switch.

Hasbro Is Bringing Power Rangers Back Again But In A Good Way This Time

The game is a retro revival beat-em-up based on the original series but in a similar style to TMNT: Shredders Revenge. It’s called Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: Rita’s Rewind.

A New Harry Potter Game Was Announced And It’s A Quidditch Game

The game features a distinctive artistic style from Hogwarts Legacy and is out on September 3rd for all major platforms. It’s even available on PlayStation Plus at launch.

The Chivalry 2 Developer Showed Off Their New Game

It’s called No More Room In Hell 2. It’ll feature permadeath, eight player co-op and a massive replayable map. It’s expected to be out in October 2024.

Cuffbust Is An Impressive Jail Break Game From One Developer

I don’t know what this is. Weird muppet people working together to break out of jail while making strange noises? It’s a great concept and looks especially fun. It’s out in 2025 but as the developer says, idk tbh.

Ubisoft Rocked Up To Give Us A Tidbit Of Star Wars Outlaws Ahead Of The Ubisoft Forward

The tease showed us some of the worlds that Kay Vess will visit as well as Lando. It’s still on track for August 30th.

Neva Is A Beautiful Looking Side-Scroller Filled With Action Too

It looks like GRIS but with lots of combat (edit: that’s because its’s from the Gris team). It’s called Neva and it’s out in 2025 for all major platforms.

A Brand New Civilization Was Announced, Sorry Brodie, No BioShock For You

The trailer didn’t show much just yet. There’s a gameplay showcase coming in August, and the game is due for release in 2025 for both PC and consoles. And yes, it’s called Civilization VII. Dynamic.

Yet Another Trailer For Black Myth: Wukong Was Shown

I feel like I’ve been talking about this game for twelve yers but it’s nice to see it’s finally coming. It’s out on August 20th for PlayStation 5 and PC. There’s even a monkey man collector’s edition too.

The Developers Of Persona Jumped On Stage To Show Off More Of Their Newest RPG

The game has a job system similar to Final Fantasy, where the characters will transform into over 40 types of jobs (called Archetypes) to do battle. It’s looking mighty fine and is still on track for an October release.

We Got Our First (Albeit Short) Look At Batman: Arkham Shadow

The story trailer showed off the same in a lot more detail. It’s looking pretty good, I dare say better than recent Batman projects. It’s releasing exclusively for Meta Quest 3 towards the end of 2024.

Capcom Showed Off The Next Year Of Street Fighter 6

Terry and Mai from King of Fighters will join Elena and M. Bison for the second year of Street Fighter content. You’d probably be surprised to hear I don’t care about any of these characters, but it’s a great and unexpected slate for the second year of Street Fighter.

A New Co-Op Game Was Shown With A Quirky Artstyle

It’s a co-op roguelike game with a hack and slash style coming to PC. It kind of looks like a Roblox game.

More Gameplay Of Dragon Ball: Sparking! Zero Was Shown

While it’s got a weird name, this is essentially the next game in the Budokai Tenkaichi series. It’s out on October 11th.

Delta Force: Hawk Ops Is Coming Back

It’s a free to play online shooter, but the campaign will retread the events of the Ridley Scott film Black Hawk Down. I’m sure this is for someone. But not me.

We Got A Good Look At Some New Characters Coming In Fatal Fury

B. Jenet is back. Wow. This is the best the series has ever looked. It’s out in early 2025.

Blumhouse Games Came Out Swinging To Announce Their First Slate Of Games

The new publisher showed off six new games, each with a huge amount of variety. The only game they didn’t show was Project C, which is coming from both Sam Barlow and Brandon Cronenberg. I’m excited, and I’m in. The first one is coming in 2024 and it’s called Fear The Spotlight.

Kingdom Come: Deliverance II Was Given Another Look

It’s looking good but I notoriously did not enjoy the first game. It’ll be exciting to see what Henry does next, though and it does look better than the first game in terms of polish. It’s due later this year.

The First Slitterhead Gameplay Has You Using Your Blood As Weapons

It’s a horror-action game where you switch bodies to do battle with grotesque creatures on the streets of Japan. It’s looking a little janky but I have faith in the mind that brought us Silent Hill, Sirena and Gravity Rush. It’s due out in November.

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A Bean Based Action Game Was Shown And You Didn’t Misread That

The gameplay is a mix of third-person and first-person action and looks to really riff off of all the best action games. It’s called Killer Bean and it hits early access later this year.

Climbers Rejoice – There’s A New Game Coming With Great Art Direction Too

It’s called Cairn and the trailer has a frustrated screaming woman and a killer art direction. With Jusant last year and now this, climbers are eating well.

The New Annapurna Game Is Not What You’d Expect From The Stanley Parable Creator

It’s called Wanderstop and it is pretty intriguing. It’s out for PS5 and PC later.

We Got Another Look At Unkown 9: Awakening

The game has you playing as Haroona, a girl from Calcutta who must understand her abilities to manipulate the unseen and enter a hidden dimension called The Fold. It’s looking like a solid and intriguing action adventure.

Yet Another Soulslike Got A Showy CG Trailer

It’s called Enotria: The Last Song. I can appreciate the art and the world but I kind of wish we’d just had gameplay. There’s a demo out now though, which is cool. It’s out on September 19th.

The First Descendent Has A Console Release Date

The game is described by its developers as “the ultimate next-gen looter shooter. Mmm. It’s out on July 2nd.

The Among Us Devs Have Their Own Publishing Label Now And Showed Off Their First Slate Too

While they’re called Innersloth, the label is called Outersloth. The publisher was created to give smaller devs great deals to get their games out there.

…And We Got A Look At The New Among Us TV Show Starring Elijah Wood

It’s an animated series that somehow manages to encapsulate the vibe of the game.

Sonic X Shadow Generations Finally Got A Release Date

The game was already a pretty solid celebration of the 2D and 3D eras of Sonic, but the new Shadow campaign feels like icing on the cake. It’s out on October 25th.

The New Dune Game Explores A Timeline That Never Happened

The open world MMO survival game essentially explores what would’ve happened if Lady Jessica gave birth to a girl, as she was meant to, and never had Paul.

Battle Aces Is the RTS “For Everyone”

The game is described by its creators as a fast-paced free-to-play RTS that’s much more playable than the typical RTS, making it approachable for newcomers.

Season 3 Of The Finals Takes Thing In A Different Direction

The new season, which launches on June 13th, takes players to Kyoto in the 1500s, with new weapons and gadgets.

Physical Editions Of Alan Wake 2 Are Coming Later This Year

Preorders open tomorrow but we’ve yet to see what’s in the editions. Both a physical deluxe and collector’s edition will be coming.

We Got Our First Look At The Night Springs DLC For Alan Wake 2

The three episodes will each feature three different playable characters in what-if scenarios. Even better, it’ll be out in the next 24 hours.

New World Is Finally Making The Jump To Consoles

New World: Aeternum is essentially a relaunch of the game, and is hitting consoles in October now after originally launching for PC in 2021.

More Footage From Dark And Darker Was Shown

It’s an incredibly unforgiving “hardcore fantasy FPS dungeon PvPvE adventure”. You and your friends can essentially delve into dungeons together to find treasure and defeat creatures all while staying ahead of other treasure hunters. It’s free to play and now live for PC.

Capcom Finally Dated Kunitsu-Gami: Path of the Goddess

The game is an out-of-left-field strategy action game that looks like Pikmin, kind of, but set in feudal Japan. It’s out on July 19th.

We Got An Update On The skate. Reboot

The trailer had Tim Robinon and was bizarre but console playtesting will begin later this year. It’s finally coming, skate fans. I feel for you even if I don’t care myself. How exciting.

We Got A Look At The New Island Coming To Palworld

I’m sure Ewan will be thrilled. The Japan-inspired island will bring with it new Pals, new weapons, new buildings and even dedicated servers for Xbox players.

Valorant Is Finally Making The Jump To Console

Now people can be toxic to each other from their couches rather than their desks. A free limited beta starts on June 14th. You can sign up right now here.

More Epic Gameplay For Monster Hunter Wilds Was Shown

The game is looking suitably epic and unlike anything that the series has done before. I think I’m keen. It’s still on track for a 2025 release.

The Show Closed Out With Phantom Blade Zer0

It’s a semi-open world souls-like that blends the world of steampunk with Chinese martial arts. It doesn’t have a release date yet, but will be playable at many events throughout the rest of the year.