How To Put On And Take Off Nintendo Switch Joy-Con Straps Without Breaking Them

Honestly, the coolest part of the Nintendo Switch experience is the Joy-Con and the variety of ways that they can be used. You can use them attached to the Switch unit, using the Joy-Con grip, separated in each hand or sideways using the Joy-Con Strap.

The Joy-Con Strap puts two physical buttons on the side of the Nintendo Switch Joy-Con. These are called SL and SR. For instance, in Mario Kart, you’ll be able to use these to jump, slide and use your items.

The Joy-Con Strap Lock
The Joy-Con Strap Lock

However, your first instinct will to be to slide the Joy-Con Strap on without reading the instructions, and if you do so the incorrect way, they’ll get stuck and and trust me, you don’t want this to happen.

It’s quite simple, honestly. The Joy-Con straps are universal and work with both the Left and Right Joy-Con. You just have to line up the Plus or Minus with the same icon (+ with + & – with -) at the top of the Joy-Con.

The Joy-Con Release Button

The issue is, the strap will go on the incorrect way, though it’ll be much harder to slide on and even harder to get off. This is the mistake I made the first time around and whilst it did slide off eventually, I had to use a force that I wasn’t comfortable with to get it off.

There’s also a lock switch that you can flip up at the bottom of the Joy-Con strap that will essentially lock it in place firmly. When you’re trying to get it off, this will often flip back up accidentally without you realising, so ensure that this is all the way down, before pushing the release button at the back of the Joy-Con to unlock it.

Here are the steps to put Joy-Con Strap on: 

  • Lineup plus or minus depending on which Joy-Con you’re using
  • Slide on Joy-Con strap from THE TOP until it clicks
  • Flick lock button up

Here are the steps to take Joy-Con Strap off: 

  • Flick the lock button all the way up and ensure it doesn’t click back in
  • Push the release button at the back of Joy-con all the way in
  • Slide off Joy-Con strap

It’s that simple!