How To Get The Rime Funeral Flowers Trophy

Warning: This post contains sections that refer to some key story elements and are therefore considered as sensitive spoilers. Tread carefully and turn back now if you wish to experience Rime yourself.

Much like the Ancient Treasure trophy (which we help you out with here), this secret area can be found in the game’s second area after waking up the adorable little fox guide that I would absolutely buy a plush doll of. Hint, hint to you, Tequila Works. Take my money.

So this can only be done once you fill the central pond up and bring the tree back to life, gaining the first of two keys to progress. This is done by either navigating the crow’s nest or baiting a pig through thorns, but it can be done in either order so that choice remains yours.

But I digress. Upon diving into the pond below the tree, it might look as though there isn’t much down there. I know I definitely swam in there a handful of times before noticing the stairwell. To make things simple for you, I recommend facing the Sphinx-like statue (where you deliver your two keys to) and then diving in, as you should then be in-line with the entrance.

Swim up through there and then climb up to your right. You’ll see a bed of lovely red flowers in front of what is presumably a tombstone. It might seem rather ominous and confusing, but it isn’t until the ending that things’ll truly hit you.

Once you actually climb up and face the tombstone, this should unlock the Funeral Flowers bronze trophy for ‘finding a nice resting place’.

Rime releases on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC on May 26th. It will be coming to Nintendo Switch at a later date. Be sure to keep an eye out for further helpful guides and read our review right here.