How To Get The Grenade Launcher In Resident Evil 3

The Grenade Launcher is one of the most important weapons in Resident Evil 3, but it’s surprisingly missable if you’re not a careful explorer in the 2020 remake. But don’t worry – if you miss it you will have a second chance to pick it up but I really recommend grabbing it as early as possible.


Following your brief detour away from the Subway into the Sewer, you will come to an intersection. Make sure that you take the path on the left – the path on the right is the only path you need to take to finish the story. Taking the path on the left, however, will ensure you don’t miss out on the Grenade Launcher.

Eventually at the end of this path you’ll end up in the Office, which contains some nice lore-building files about your new Grenade Launcher as well as the weapon itself. Remember that it takes up two slots in your inventory, though in most difficulties there is an item box in here anyway if you need to do some rearranging.

If you do happen to have missed it during your brief sojourn into the sewers, it will appear on top of a drum in the dilapidated shelter just before an important boss battle when playing as Jill. We really, really recommend you pick it up at this point.

The Grenade Launcher can be loaded with one of four types of ammo. Unfortunately, the freeze rounds from the original game don’t make a return.

    • Explosive Rounds are an all-rounder and can be used against pretty much anything. You can make them by combining Explosive A with Explosive A crafting materials.
    • Flame Rounds are best utilised against the new Hunter Gammer enemy type. You can make them by combining Explosive A with Explosive B crafting materials.
    • Acid Rounds work best against the harder shells of the Hunter Beta enemy type. You can make them by combining Explosive B with Explosive B crafting materials
    • Mine Rounds work a little bit differently. They attach to any surface (including the bodies of enemies) and explode when something gets close to them. I recommend them for boss battles. You can’t craft them either!


Our friend over at SomeWhatAwesome Games has also put together a video guide.

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