Gearbox and SEGA Sued Over Aliens: Colonial Marines


In what seems to be a deja vu move after the whole mess of Mass Effect 3, another game is responsible for false advertising claims, as Gearbox and SEGA are now the defendants of a class action lawsuit, under claims of false advertising.
The fine folks at dug up the lawsuit in question, filed under law firm Edelson LLC, citing a variety of California civil and business codes.

Aliens: Colonial Marines was hardly a game that set the gaming world on fire, with a lukewarm response at best, and an ire of disapproval and confusion from players and reviewers alike at worst. Randy Pitchford and co have come under fire from accusations of misused funds and outsourced companies.

I for one would like to see further investigation about those issues. Misusing funds is a serious liability, and if the accusations that Gearbox used funds from SEGA to build Borderlands 2 instead of Aliens are true, then Randy and co could be in some serious trouble.

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A very interesting story to follow over the weeks. Will keep a close watch over Randy”s Twitter feed and other sources as this continues. Stick around on Press-Start for a feature article exploring this sort of “advertising” and it”s successes and failures in the coming days.

The last game to fall under this level of controversy was indeed, the aforementioned Mass Effect 3, which went to the Federal Trades Commission under accusations of false advertising over it”s ending.