Gears of War: Judgement DLC Available Now

Call to Arms is the latest DLC available for Gears of War: Judgement. Introducing 3 new maps, a new gametype and new unlockable player and weapon skins.

Blood-drive is infact a revamped map from the previous Gears of War titles 2 & 3 with the spawn points completely re-designed allowing for players more accessibility to various key positions situated around the map unlike former versions of the map, spawns were often camped by the opposing team very easily and was more often than not quite an unforgiving experience.

Terminal is the new class-based overrun map, a definite favour of the close quarter combat style of play supported by the Gnasher shotgun and anyone willing to get creative with a Sentry.

Boneyard is the obstruction heavy landscape introduced this patch with indoor and outdoor aspects of gameplay which really do make for great flanks and teamwork.

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Call to Arms; the new gametype is based around the rules of Gungame found in well known titles like Counter-Strike and Call of Duty.
The player spawns with a random weapon and must kill 20 others before any other player to win. The trick ? Every time you kill someone, you get a new weapon.
This makes for addictive multiplayer and a sweet array of medals for anyone half decent with map-based weapons.

The DLC is available right now for a hefty 1000 microsoft points but is free for anyone who purchased VIP.