UK Based E3 Alternative Sponsored By Sony

Living in Australia, heading to E3 has been nothing but a dream for many years. So I can empathize with those who have the same desire to go. Well, if you’re a fan of games and live in London, You’re in luck!

EToo is the UK based E3 Alternative being held in London this year. The event already has over 30 developers to show games, with developers such as Hello Games(Joe Danger) Tom Francis(Gunpoint) and many others.

While a lot of developers attending seem to be indie based, Playstation and Capcom will be attending , bringing Playable demos of the Last of US, Lost Planet 3 and Duck Tales HD.

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While I’m glad more Events around E3 are happening, the big thing that struck me about this is that Sony is the headline sponsor. We have heard a lot of talk from Sony, about how the PS4 will support indies. Them being headline sponsors of this event, seems to prove they are going to stand behind that statement.

EToo will be happening Concurrently with E3 from June 10th – 13th.