Square Enix Holding Final Fantasy Event at E3

“The Future of Final Fantasy” is an event that Square Enix will be holding for Press at E3. What exactly it entails, is still a mystery. Versus 13,  Type-0, XII-2.  Maybe even the new Final Fantasy title that will be announced at E3, that Final Fantasy Director Shinji Hasimoto confirmed earlier this year.

This is something that has needed to happen, for a long time. In the past Square Enix has stated, that they have been wanting to move Final Fantasy in a different direction. Final Fantasy 13 was supposed to be the last normal Final Fantasy game. It will be interesting to finally hear what they intend to do, to the franchise. Straight from the horse’s mouth.

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The Final Fantasy fan base has been up in arms over, how the franchise has changed thus far. What’s your opinion? Did you like the newer installments of the franchise? How do you think the franchise should evolve? Let us know in the comment section down below!