Check out the First Gameplay For Ryse.

Ryse: Son of Rome has been talked about a lot since last E3, but all we knew until now was that it was a kinect game developed by Crytek.

Check out the first look at Ryse below!

Now something I want to know, that could be answered by anyone live at the conference. Is it really utilizing the Kinect? From the looks of the game, does it really look like a Kinect game? Well, judging by the constant quick time events, I don’t think so. That being said gestures could be done while holding the controller. That could be supported by the way the game locks the camera when entering combat rather then giving a free camera ala God of War, would be able to give a simple control scheme to the kinect. Step to the right your character keeps strafing right, etc. However, that could all be debunked by that camera being a simple lock on feature. I don’t know, the whole situation confuses me.

What’s your opinion on the matter? Do you like the look of Ryse? Do you think it’s still a kinect powered game? Are you excited? Let us know!

Ryse: Son of Rome is developed by Crytek and is a Xbox One exclusive.