Latest 3DS Update Adds Back Up Saves, New Mii Plaza Games

So the latest 3DS System Update has now dropped and is in the hands of people all over the world, and a lot of people wondering what it actually did. Well, here are the two main features in this update.

  • Save Data Backup Feature:
    Users can now back up save data for Downloadable versions of 3DS Software and Most Virtual Console games.
    (I tested this with multiple games, Back up data isn”t available for all games as of yet. Newer games like Animal Crossing or Pokemon Mystery Dungeon are not yet supported)
  • Four New Mii Plaza Games
    StreetPass: Squad, Garden, Battle, and Mansion. Each game is $6.50 or you can buy all four for $19.50

Other then that, there is the usual stability and bug fixes.

While the Back up saves are a good idea, I feel that the Mii Plaza additions are for a very limited audience, but hey. At least Nintendo are working on improving their existing software!